H.P. Lovecraft Storyteller [Double Pop] V1.2

MOD Desc
[[[[[[[[[[[ The double population storyteller version IS INCLUDED in the HP Lovecraft storyteller mod. Go download that mod to use the double population version. This mod is deprecated and will not be updated. ]]]]]]]]]]]]
In this mod, Lovecraft will be added to your list of storytellers. In Lovecraft’s tales, protagonists often face their own mortality and insignificance in the universe. Threats to your colony and its sanity will be constant. Can your colony survive a cosmic horror tale?

*Note: Storytellers in Rimworld decide how many colonists your colony can hold. In this edition of H.P. Lovecraft storyteller, you can have double the population.

Want regular populations? Here is the standard H.P. Lovecraft storyteller.

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First attempt: Start simple, right? So I go tribal start in a rainforest. I learn the basic controls and mechanics of the game, painfully at times.
All is well.
Unable to build walls yet, I dig out a home in a small hill. Beds for everyone.
My community thrives and slowly grows and expands its numbers and riches.
Still no walls.
Get raided multiple times by bandits, often having some major injury from the firefight.
Into the second year nearly every living member of the tribe either has an eye patch, hook hand, or peg leg. One colonist is even totally blind, having lost both eyes.
There’s gotta be a better way.
I know, I’ll tame some attack animals. Tamed my first two panthers no problem. Never got a chance to train them before attempting panther number 3…
Tanning fails. Panther attacks. Kills 3 of my 6 colonists, and injures my doctor and cook. Nothing but the hunter left who doesn’t know much of medicine.
He attempts to save them.
During surgery on the doctor, he critically fails at installing the peg leg and removes her brain (how, I have no idea). The cook later dies of infection.
My hunter lives his days in solitude until the next bandit raid. During the raid he is shot and his stomach is destroyed. He dies alone from infection.

10/10 Would remove brain again

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