Large Outpost

MOD Desc
Another world quest similar to bandit camps. Large outposts are larger, with better rewards over time.

It’s the 1.0 version of better rewards. Save game compatible.

  • It’s not that there’s a lack of power. As far as I can tell no power cables are being spawned. Any turret out of reach of a battery or power generation building remains unpowered. Here’s one of the bases. Top right, middle left and bottom middle turrets were all unpowered. As you can see from the picture there’s no visible cables and any items using power have their connections stretched to meet power structures. This is a large outpost on year 18 on Randy Merciless so bases have really scaled up in size massively. The catapults are actually unusual I’ve always seen mortars before.
  • that’s the next step yes. I’m planning to cap the wealth and manpower of large outposts and create something like a ‘fort’ on a larger map. They could still be defeated in vanilla (year 5-6 you start getting large colonies with good pawns and special items like orbital bombardement). And maybe i would include a special item for the ship in the ‘fort’ only or to trigger a domination victory.
  • I’m running into issues with large outposts. Whenever I load up a pod and throw it at one, after the game spawns/loads the outpost, resuming time crashes the game. No error message, nothing happens except the resumption of any sound happening on the selected map. The game just… stops. Everything freezes, and it hangs until I close it down. My mod list is quite large (170+ mods last time I counted), so it could be a conflict with any number of things. Any idea what I should look for to find the conflict?
  • After trying your outpost mods I have to say love them especially the faction one. Those bases are crazy dangerous exactly as they should be.Not sure if this is a common issue but twice now I’ve raided a large outpost and half the defenses were unpowered because they were out of reach of power. I haven’t noticed that issue with your other two mods the faction base and large prison. All the turrets were basic vanilla turrets. If it matters I have the vanilla series security mod but other than the rocket turret I haven’t seen others spawn.
  • It looks like I may have fixed it, maps are loading with cables now. It was a mod issue, amusingly your mod. I had them loaded in the order of Large Faction Base, Large Outpost, Large Prison Camp. Moving Large Outpost after Large Prison Camp fixed the issue. I saw in the comments Large Prison Camp previously had an issue so I figured maybe just maybe that could be the cause.

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