Pawn Badge Fan Fork

MOD Desc
The fan fork of the mod ‘Pawn Badge’ by Rangel Real which allows adding up to 2 informative badges to the colonist bar. Now compatible with versions 1.1 and 1.2 (compatibility with 1.0 remains).

Any badge mods made for the original mod will be compatible with this mod.

Can be safely added and removed from save games.

This mod requires the separate Harmony mod for versions 1.1 and 1.2.

– Rangel Reale, the original author of the mod.
– LeninsCat, for fixing the manifest error message and providing excellent updated textures.

Original mod by Rangel Real:
Non-Steam link:

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  • that functionality remains, so any mods that were incompatible with the old mod will be incompatible with this one.I will see if I can create a mod that changes the textures back to the original ones.Elizabeth Thanks to LeninsCat, the original author replied to my proposed update and said I could upload it to the Steam workshop. If you’re interested, the conversation can be found here:
  • I’m really glad that you’ve picked up this mod and hope you don’t mind some constructive criticism.In general I find your new design of icons more difficult to discern at a glance. It may partially be due to unfamiliarity but on my 1440p screen with the icons set to small (personal preference to avoid covering as much of the pawn portraits) they’re really just tiny, vaguely coloured roundels. I’ve been trying to work out why I find it so much more difficult to read and I think it’s partially because in general the icons are alot smaller compared with the original mod eg original pickaxe is *just* a pickaxe, yours is a similar size circle with a smaller pickaxe within.I understand not wanting to steal the artwork from the original author but I think these new versions could use some finessing.
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  • Having a weird issue on 1.2. I can see and make changes to the Pawn Badge settings in the Mod Settings and there’s an obvious blank space on the colonist’s bar where the Pawn Badge’s button should be, but it’s not there. The button is completely gone. It’s not invisible, since clicking on that blank space does absolutely nothing. Debug gives literally no errors during the initial load nor during gameplay.

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