Simply More Bridges – Medieval

MOD Desc
The medieval era had stone bridges. Changes the research projects for Simply More Bridges to be medieval, not industrial.

This one has way more stuff: Medieval Patches

[UPDATE 1/22/2020]

Game is still going stronger than ever. With it being fully released, I am super happy with the end product. Not all early access games result in a quality release. RimWorld has pulled it off.

Unique game that keeps bringing me back. Have almost doubled my game play hours since originally writing this review in 2016.

Totally worth the full retail price. Even more so if it’s on sale.

9/10 – nothing else quite like it. Lot of replay value.


I’m pretty sure this is the first review I’ve written for a game on Steam in the 10+ years I’ve used it.

RimWorld has been a fantastic surprise of a game. Within 3 or 4 days of owning it, I’ve logged almost 40 hours of gameplay.

I never played Dwarf Fortress, so I can’t exactly compare it, but it reminds me of an expanded followup to FTL when your crew fails, only now we get to see what happens after they crash land.

Community support and culture on Reddit has also made this game a blast.

So what if I grew up Rich. It was my parents fault that I became a pirate, at least that’s what my therapist said. Hey, I only stole from the Glitterworlds. Stupid smug bastards deserved it.

I was mostly prepared when they caught up to me and attacked my ship. I didn’t expect to land on an ice sheet alone except for Rocky, my trusty Siberian Husky.

I killed the polar bear that ate Rocky. I find I like the taste of bear.

Without Rocky I’m so alone. It’s not my fault I had to restrain Verea from leaving. He was the first decent man I’d seen in years and a girls got needs. He should have stayed when I asked him.

I know he will love me. Someday.

Update (a couple of years later)

Verea never loved me. And when all the plants died I got so hungry. It was him or me. He was such a good actor he looked surprised when I shot him in the back. I was so hungry. I didn’t want to eat him but BBQ’d he tasted great.

I’m so lonely now. I hope another decent man will come by soon. I know he will love me.

Olivia (but you can call me Livia)

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