AnimalCollabProj Patch Pack

MOD Desc
Contains a few patches for AnimalCollabProj. Only relevant patches will be applied based on your mod configuration.

The Combat Extended portion of this mod is a standalone continuation of Saebbi’s patch. It fixes some errors, brings the CE patched animal stats up to spec with the latest CE balance spreadsheet guidelines, and adds missing content. It is rewritten with optimized patching code.

The A Dog Said… portion of this mod is derived from Cucupear’s ADS patch. It improves over the old design by simply patching ADS’s defs instead of cloning defs, reducing memory use and keeping it more future-proofed. If this mod detects Cucumpear’s ADS patch is already loaded, then this patch is skipped.

Lastly, a few balance anomalies exist within ACP. This mod aims to smooth out any rough edges to ensure consistency. Details can be found in the BalanceFixes.xml file in the mod folder. Additional fine tuning to balance will be added here over time as they are discovered.

Compatibility notes

  • Cannot run with Saebbi’s CE patch. This is a updated replacement for it.

Change log

    April 16th, 2019

  • Newly written ADS patch included.
  • All ACP animals’s ability to dodge, crit, and parry have been rebalanced, using the CE wiki spreadsheet as a guideline for balance. In general most all creatures were buffed to bring them up to spec. The world just got more dangerous, careful! Worth noting that the original CE patch did not include any parry stats.
    April 17th, 2019
  • Now addresses several balances quirks in ACP itself.

Well, despite being early access and in alpha, this game is in many ways more polished and complete than many games when they leave beta. As a Dwarf Fortress lover, this game is a no-brainer. While DF has the bigger world, the more compelling narrative engine, and candy, Rimworld holds its own by giving you a much smaller sandbox with a much greater amount of control, packaged with a far more intuitive UI.

And the cherry on top? This game is, considering the developer and the fan base, probably only going to get better and deeper. If you’re not really into building/management games, or don’t like games where one character’s emotional state stands between a thriving colony and a slaughter-house, still get this game…just wait until it’s on sale. If you are a fan of those types of games, then I recommend that you buy it at full price, because it’s more than worth it, and the developer having more money will probably end up translating to quicker updates.

As a Dwarf Fortress player I must say that RimWorld is great in what it does. It creates a world in which your colonist/tribe have/has to survive the environmental stresses, manhunting/crazy animals and even raids trying to kill/enslave your people .. or steal your supplies.

Something I still miss from DF are the z-layers. But this will not hinder your experience much since there is a lot to do on the surface anyways. It may not even be necessary since it has one big improvment over DF that changes a lot. Easy modding and mod access for players through Steam and the Ludeon-Forums. By making modders able to improve the experience and share this work with others easily it is the players choice how he or she will play and shape their own experience and difficulty over and over.

Even if you do not like its predecessor in spirit, try it out and you will see that the thought ‘Just 5 more minutes?’ will be a common thing during playing this wonderful game!

Rimworld…. a game you can play countless hours and in the end you will want to play it more. The setting of the game allows the community to just make so many mods and they come up with so many ideas, that you will be able to play this game for… well, forever basically.
‘But hey, if this game only gets good by modding, isn’t it bad then?’
No Timmy, definitely not. The game by itself is already great and allows you to spent countless hours in it, as it really is a Story Generator, how it calls itself, which always manages to throw something new at you, because there are so many variables in play, it’ll be incredibly hard to just encounter very similar characters in the game, because there are so many factors in play. And if you then add mods on top of that, which change things up again or add things (I can really recommend the Vanilla Expanded mods for any newbies) then you really always stumble across new cool things.

11/10, would always play again

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