ETRT: Medicine Production

MOD Desc
Stand-alone Release of Medicine Production

Part of:

Medicine Production
– Adds research projects for Neutroamine, Luciferium and Ultratech Medicine crafting.
– 1 Neutroamine combining 4 Psychoid leaves and 1 herbal medicine. (Req. 10 Medical skill)
– 1 Luciferium combining 30 Psychoid leaves, 1 Plasteel and 3 Neutramine. (Req. 12 Medical skill)
– 5 Glitterworld Medicine combining 5 Neutroamine, 1 Luciferium and 5 Medicine. (Req. 14 Medical skill)
– Included Bulk Recipe to Craft Luciferium and Neutroamine in stacks of 5.

Changelog 12-08-2020: RimWorld 1.2 Compatibility
01-03-2020: RimWorld 1.1 Compatibility
01-03-2020: Balance Changes (Thanks Jimminian95)
21-10-2018: Stand-alone Release

The full mod can be found here:


This is so far the best ‘colony survival resource managing SIM, game’ I have ever played
and probably one of the best out there!

+ Fantastic gameplay
+ Incredible challenging storytelling
+ Amazing replay value
; (because of all the widely possible events that could and could not occur in one go,
depending on gamemode)
+ Massive variety of in game mechanics
+ Plenty of modes to choose from
+ Aesthetically pleasing
+ Early acces > already quality and still more to come!
+ Steam mod community
+ (interesting character building & bonding)
+ Solid base building capabilities and other unique features

At this time being and with so little time that I have spend in this game, I can’t tell you yet about the negatives. But if I played just so little and already enjoy it so much, YOU really should believe this game is WORTH A BUY!!

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