[XND] Vanilla-Friendly Battery Expansion

MOD Desc
Direct download from GitHub[github.com].

Compatibility I’m not aware of any other mods that this’ll conflict with.

This can safely be added to a savegame, but there will be issues if you try to remove this mod while your save has batteries from this mod; deconstruct those batteries before removing this.

Overview Adds two new battery types to the game which are more specialized, but they also have their downsides to remain balanced. These batteries are therefore by no means straight upgrades; they serve more as sidesteps since they also fall off the capacity:efficiency curve when compared to the vanilla battery.

These new batteries must be unlocked by researching Advanced Batteries, which in turn requires Batteries and Microelectronics Basics to be researched.

Let’s get into the basics for each battery type this mod adds, along with the vanilla battery:

Battery (Vanilla):

Material Cost: 50x Steel; 2x Component
Work to Build: 13s
Capacity: 1000 Wd
Efficiency: 50%
Footprint: 1×2
Max HP: 100
Mass: 20 KG

High-Capacity Battery:

Material Cost: 100x Steel; 3x Component
Work to Build: 20s
Capacity: 3000 Wd
Efficiency: 35%
Footprint: 2×2
Max HP: 200
Mass: 50 KG

High-Efficiency Battery:

Material Cost: 50x Steel; 5x Gold; 2x Component
Work to Build: 20s
Capacity: 600 Wd
Efficiency: 90%
Footprint: 1×2
Max HP: 100
Mass: 20 KG

Credits Marnador for their shockingly good RimWorld font.
The community for their suggestions to improve this!

License As is standard with my mods: you may include this mod in a mod pack, and you may derive from this, but please inform me if you’re doing so either through here or Ludeon Forums, and give credit where credit’s due.

I would put this as my favourite game ever, this game is completely limitless. There are so many crazy situations, let me tell you some of the thoughts that have passed through my head out of context to show how far this game spans

– ‘These 24 snowhares have ed up my colony, I have to start a new game’
– ‘Just give me a lung to get rid of the asthma!’
– ‘Oh great, a pyromaniac, more spare body parts!’
– ‘That meteorite just squashed half my stuff…’
– ‘A toxic fallout and a volcanic winter, excellent…’

These are only just with the vanilla game too. Mod support for this game is extensive and they are amazing, everything as small as a mod that means your animals eat less of your plants in a more realistic manner to a complete overhaul of how the research works.

I cannot reccomend this game enough, the ONLY issue i can see with it is it is very slow to start and can really REALLY frustrate you at times (because if it didn’t it would be too easy)

A few things I’ve experienced in this game so far are:
A happy marriage between 2 like-minded people. Saves on bedrooms!

A group of cats joining my colony, and then multiplying exponentially and eating all the food they can. Manage Areas is a godsend.

A flashstorm burning down all my wooden buildings. Learned that lesson quick.

Colonists going beserk due to not eating at a table.

Lost a toe? Guess we have to replace your entire foot with a wooden stump!

Learning how to build a creamator, so then having to dig up 30 corpses/skeletons to burn for their clothes. It’s worth the debuff for the extra pocket change.

Resorting to cannibalism due to dwindleing foodstocks. Thank God that raid happened right before we ran out of berries – fresh meat!

Waiting for a new colonist to stumble upon my delapidated colony after everyone was eaten by a pack of manhunting wargs. It’s actually quite relaxing.
10/10. Will play forever.

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