RT’s Weapon Pack Reloaded (1.0)

MOD Desc
RT’s Weapon Pack Reloaded and Rebalanced for Version 1.0

This mod adds a ton of new weapons for colonists to craft, trade, and fight with.

✔New weapons are well balanced to fit with the default weapons as best as they can.

1.1 Version:

Stats Sheet:

*Weapon Art and Original Code made by RT.

Hi, I was just looking through the weapon stats of the various weapons in the mod and couldn’t help but notice that the balance is kind of off right now. Some RT weapons are blatantly stronger than vanilla weapons, while others are blatantly weaker than vanilla weapons. Even among the RT weapons themselves, there isn’t much consistency in balance. I totally understand that its insanely difficult to perfectly balance the massive number of weapons in the mod, but will you be working on further iterations of weapon balance in the future?

Hi, your version of RT MOD is very popular among Chinese players (thanks for the Chinese localization files it has), but I find there is a catch: the help documents are not translated, which is a little bit of a problem for us non-native English speakers to enjoy this excellent MOD. I tried to add a Chinese version of the help document to the Chinese package of this mod (adding a ‘Concepts. XML’ file). Can you add this file to the mod at a cost of a few events? I’ve uploaded my archive and all you need to do is replace the original ‘ChineseSimplified’ folder. Thank you very much for your contribution to the rimworld community https://send.firefox.com/download/85f885ce7ba1b942/#NF3t0QJ25AsbyuM0150KhQ

For the most part alot of the earlier runs of balancing was toning down on burst counts and getting damage and range values more in line with there vanilla counter parts with the damage and range then being shifted a bit more from the Caliber of round the weapons were firing and the style of weapon (Primarily Rifles EX: Bullpups or Battlerifles). And looking at it now some stuff has changed a bit from the last time I looked at it. And then I want to give some of the weapons classes or subclasses a reason to be used a bit more often so there will likely be some other mild changes that make things a weapons more appealing to use.

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