Simple Recycling

MOD Desc
A simple mod that adds recycling of apparel in the same way weapons are smeltable in the core version.

To recycle apparel, research ‘apparel recycling’ and then add the bill to a tailoring workbench.

Can be added to an existing save. (Removing may throw an error but should work too.)
No mod incompatibilities.

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Well what can I say Rimworld has finaly made it to steam. 🙂

Dont take my playtime into account as I’ve sank hrs upon hrs into this game

If you want a game with HOURS I MEAN HOURS of replayability then this is it.

*Unlimited gampeplay.
*Tons and Tons of mods.
*Vertually bug free (I’ve not ran into any)
*Want to name your peeps sure why not
*Want to watch the world burn, can do, (sorry Felix I didn’t know those turrets explode)
*Be a cannibal and harvest corpses for limbs 🙂
*Or be a nice quiet tribe buying and selling animals, careful those Raids are brutal

And so so much more good stuff

*Have trouble naming any, my only gripe is I wish the centipede’s didnt look like giant maggots.

Do it guys RimWorld is a must have in anyones library

I very highly recommend this game!

It’s a truly unique game, and very well designed.

It can be a little tough starting out, but it’s not dwarf fortress. The mechanics are simple, but the game has so many features and interactions between them that there’s a lot of depth. The fact that your colonists are mostly automated lets you sit back and make decisions rather than micro-managing.

The randomized events, map generation, and different biomes give the game a lot of replayability. I actually have about 100 hours more than steam says, because I had the game before it was on steam.

Make sure to look into mods after you’ve learned the game! This game has amazing mod support, and there are dozens, maybe hundreds of good quality mods out there. Steam workshop makes it really easy to search and find them too.

Ok it’s official! I love this game. I’ve only had it a short time but have been playing lots since I’m quarantined at home due to corona virus. In this game you can create your group of people like you want and with mods you can play like you’re a tribe way back when or like your super advanced technically and in the future. There are so many options with this game it’s intense! make sure your people have food, protect them as much as you can from raiders, build and craft to your heart’s content. So many choices! And then the AI throws unexpected things at you. I’ve been in an ice age for almost 2 years in game. And I’m playing as a stone age tribe so we don’t have hydroponics. I also have mods that allow babies and kids. I have more kids than adults and it’s been hard. I lost one baby to starvation already… when will this ice age end?

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