Best Mix (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of peladors mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —

A QoL mod that allows variance in how benches select their ingredients.

Mod details

Vanilla has a default setting to search for ingredients by distance. With this mod you have the capability to use a gizmo on a work bench to change the criterion of that search to relate to alternative factors or elements. There are also optional individual best mix settings that you can set per bill. It will default to the gizmo value where these are not set.

The criterion specified for use are as follows:

Beauty Prettiest – highest beauty,
Beauty Ugliest – least beauty,
Insulate Cold – highest material property of cold insulation,
Insulate Heat – highest material property of heat insulation,
Item Ignition – most flammable,
Item Damaged – least hit points against maximum (as applicable),
Item Expiry – most rapid perishable items,
Item Robust – most hit points vs max (as applicable),
Mass Heaviest – most mass,
Mass Lightest – least mass,
Nearest (Vanilla) – default normal behaviour,
Protect Blunt – highest property of protection against blunt damage,
Protect Sharp – highest material property of protection against sharp damage,
Random – random selection,
Stock Fraction – least apportioned stack number against maximum,
Stock Least – least amount of stock for item (mod options),
Stock Most – most amount of stock for item (mod options),
Temp. Coldest – ingredient in coldest ambient temperature,
Temp. Warmest – ingredient in warmest ambient temperature,
Value Cheapest – Least value,
Value Expensive – Most value,
Weapon Bluntest – material blunt damage factor,
Weapon Sharpest – material sharp damage factor.

And will default to the vanilla or nearest behaviour.

Note if the ingredients used in the bill will have a similar property they will be equally compared. So some of the filters are more capable of general use, whereas others are more designed for specific types of ingredients where the filter has some relevancy to the end product based on the associated qualities.

So if you now want your chef to randomly select ingredients from an organised room fridge you can do so. If you want to use the cheapest materials first, or the most damaged, you can do that also. Want to make clothes based on the best sharp protection or insulates against the cold, does that. Want to use the stacks that are not full first to keep things tidy this way, got that covered as well. And so on.

Otherwise the bills will follow the normal filtering process as specified in the bill and within whatever radius is set for them. And would recommend using bill radius and trying to store objects more locally to their associated bench/bill giver.

Please note there is a specific discussion for additional filter suggestions.

Mod Notes

Can be added and removed mid save.

Has a mod option to turn off the functionality and also an option to limit the use to only benches that are recognised as a meal source (e.g. stoves, campfire), which will include modded benches that are also recognised as these kind of bill givers.

Additional mod options are provided for the stock selection types, where you can modify the behaviour to include the whole map for evaluation as opposed to the bill radius and also whether items are stored in valid storage.

Does not apply to pawn based bills.

The mod will also set the maximum number of bills for a billgiver to 125. (Compatible with Better Workbench Management).

*** Subject to conversion ***

Combat Extended – Adds Protect Electric – highest material property of protection from electric damage.
Multiplayer – Native support


Madeline – a co-author, for the involved harmony transpiler work that makes this mod possible.

LWM – helping with testing.

KV – ‘No max bills’ allowing more bills for a billgiver. Added functionality (slightly modified).

French translation – Rebecca


Deep Storage – to further improve the ingredient handling of bills by organising storage more conveniently and locally for their associated benches.

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Great game, played about 500 hours now and don’t really plan on stopping anytime soon. Love the colony building aspect of it, and the random survival stories that you discover while playing the game.

What really brings me back again and again to this game tho is the great dev (Tynan) support for this game, with continual updates and an active ear to the gamers, as well as the fantastic mod-support for this game. I might go from a game where my dear colonists have been brutality slaughtered with great remorse and sadness only to stumble on a particular fun mod in the workshop or a story postet in the comments mentioning a mod, prompting me to start a new game from scratch and just gives me 100hrs of entertainment all over again.

I don’t exactly remember how much I paid for this game, but if you compare it to the level of entertaintment and hours of fun I’ve gotten out of it, I think Tynan have given me much more than any number of triple A games or mayor movie franchise have given me in the past. Keep it up, and know Im eagerly following every update into this (somehow still in beta ?!) fantastic game!!

Rimworld allow you to start a colonization from scratch, dealing with random events such as pirate raids, man-hunting turtles, and alien ships landing in your backyard – but that’s not even the best part.

Rimworld is about the stories your characters create. Each “pawn” has a random set of strengths and weaknesses when you start your game, complete with a backgrounds, occupation, and skills in certain areas. Each pawn has their own quirks – some may be night owls, some may dislike men, some may be pyromaniacs. This is all coded into the game and can be triggered randomly. When your pyromaniac pawn gets upset because he ate a meal without a table, he might decide to go sleep outside instead of the cozy room you built for him. Well, when he gets attacked by a giant ostrich in the middle of the night and ends up critical wounded, now you must send another pawn to go save him and put him in the infirmary. Your pyromaniac now has a mood break because he’s sick and then decides to go on a fire-starting spree, so you decide to amputate his legs and bind him to his bed until he calms down.

It’s purely fantastic.

I have about 300 hours in Rimworld from pre-Steam play. I’ve been playing since pretty early on in development, and cannot recommend this game highly enough.

1 – Very addictive gameplay. There’s always one more thing to build, one more raid to recover from, one more colonist to improve. It’s difficult to turn off and easy to turn back on.

2 – Crazy replayability. With randomly generated worlds, multiple biomes and starting conditions, and highly customizable difficulty and pacing settings, there’s always new challenges and fun. A14s scenario system should only add to this customizability.

3 – Excellent support. Tynan and the Ludeon team have been dedicated to providing top notch support for their game, with frequent improvements and additions to complexity. They listen to the community and have added/changed a lot of balance aspects over the years based on feedback.

It’s hard to not recommend this game. Along with Factorio, this is one of the best early access projects I have ever seen. Definitely better than a number of AAA games I’ve paid $50 for, and there’s still development to come.

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