High Tech Laboratory Facilities

MOD Desc
New and redesigned laboratory facilities for a more high tech look!

This mod started out as a personal project for myself to use in my own game but due to requests I decided to release it publicly. I made this mod due to feeling that the graphics for the ‘hi-tech research bench’ and ‘comms console’ were a bit too boring and plain for my liking so I decided to make my own graphics for them. Following that I decided to continue modifying and adding research assets to fit the theme I was working toward. Full disclosure, I didn’t work on this mod to the point that I would normally consider fully finished and there are a few parts I never felt fully satisfied with (the ground-penetrating scanner graphic being one example as I never could come up with a fully realized design that I liked). I am also currently playing other games and focusing on other matters in my life so I doubt I’ll undertake any further updates anytime soon. To make up for that however I included a little bonus:

– tailor-made lab coats that slightly enhance research skills
– a late game research project that unlocks plans for an advanced powered combat exoskeleton
– custom graphics for both (exoskeleton artwork based upon the incomparable rooki1’s work!)

Quick and dirty update! Added native minification def to all items due to popular request. All usable research items (Hi-Tech Research Bench, Laboratory Station, and Research Terminal) now link with the MultiAnalyzer and each other for a benefit of +10% research speed per link. This hopefully makes up for the Laboratory Station and Research Terminal not counting as Hi-Tech Research Benches for the purpose of actively researching technologies with the bench specifically noted as a prerequisite. Enjoy!

For those asking, the Laboratory Station and Research Terminal can be manned to contribute to general research however as they are distinct entities separate from the Hi-Tech Research Bench any research technology that specifically requires the Hi-Tech Research Bench to be researched will not allow either to be actively used when researched.Programming in some sort of code to tell RimWorld treat the Laboratory Station and Research Terminal as equivalent alternatives to the Hi-Tech Research Bench is something I don’t currently know how to do and I’ve got too much on my plate right now to invest the necessary time and work to figure it out.That said, I did a quick and dirty update for you all to enable native minification of all items as well as making the Hi-Tech Research Bench, Laboratory Station, Research Terminal and MultiAnalyzer all link with one another providing a +10% bonus to research speed respectively for each. Enjoy!

I double checked the mod on my own RimWorld client and could not reproduce the error you’re experiencing. I can only assume you’re receiving this error due to either a mod conflict or corrupted files.I’d recommend unsubscribing from the mod on this page temporarily, navigating on your PC to ‘C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsworkshopcontent294100’ (or equivalent location) and deleting the folder named ‘841760538,’ then resubscribing to the mod here. That should force Steam to redownload the mod in its entirety and correct any potential file corruption.If this does not correct the error you can try verifying the file integrity of your RimWorld install and/or turning all other mods concurrently in use off then, if the errant activity ceases, turning on your installed mods one-by-one and testing them alongside High Tech Laboratory Facilities until you find the conflict.Sorry to hear of your troubles and I hope this post helps to correct your issue!

The only assumption I can make at this point as to why you have been experiencing this issue is that another mod that you have loaded concurrently with mine must be overwriting part of my mods code (this can happen if RimWorld loads a mod with overlapping code changes after mine in the initial loading sequence hence giving the mod loaded later in the sequence priority). Now, of course, this is just a guess on my part so without additional information I can’t offer more than speculation. That said it might be possible to rectify the problem by removing or reordering the overwriting mod from your active mods within RimWorld’s main mod menu. However its equally as likely that attempting either of these potential solutions may have no effect at best or corrupt your ongoing saves at worst. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

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