Super Soil

MOD Desc
If you are on A17/18 pls download the mod from m dropbox linked in the forum page…

For non steam user:

Grow things very fast with the help of this bioengineered mycelium network which fertilizes your plants.

Fertility rates are 200%>500%>1000%
(Most plants grow a bit slower because of modifiers, some like rice at the full rate.)

To Build (Research measured with industrial Tech Level) (pictures slightly outdated):

Super Soil (200% fertility):
1. 1000 Research
2. 2 Steel, 2 Cloth, 1 Neutroamine

Mega Soil (500% fertility):
1. 3000 Research
2. 3 Neutroamine, 2 Herbal medicine, 1 Component, 1 Yayo

Hyper Soil (1000% fertility):
1. 7000 Research
2. 25 Plasteel, 3 Penoxycyline, 1 Medicine, 1 Luciferium

Note on [redacted]:
It won’t be cost efficient neither easy,
but we stumbled upon an approach to improve the mycel furthermore
and i mean a LOT more,
sadly most people wouldn’t be keen on the membrane materials it needs.

This mod uses code and textures from ‘Tilled Soil’. Check it out

It’s Tilled Soil compatible as it uses its own resources.

It should be save game compatibe (:

Post on the Ludeon-Forum:

Feedback and bug reports are appreciated, it probably still needs some balancing. c:

now all we need is a soil that just one ticks grows the plant to 100%, mmm It will need 1000 human hearts with 1000 Luciferium, 10 ai cores 10000 sliver, and the item description will say.’Oh god what have we done, we became butcher of humans, committed mass genocide, to please the ever so hungey soil god, implanted each heart with the red pills of hell, mutated 10 ai core to bend it’s will and made it do such horrors that no man ever dream of, and bribe the devil to reap all the human’s soals we butcherd and plant them all into the soil we making… we do not ask for forgiveness, we only ask for noone less shall follow this act we that done. ‘

Honestly I feel like this is fairly well balanced, which I didn’t think it would be at first. 1000% is fast, but it’s not really any different than making your farm 10 times as large, basically the same amount of work and hauling, just less lag. The cost per tile seems fair, my only suggestion is to actually force the tiering, so like Mega Soil can only be placed on top of Super Soil, and Hyper Soil has to go on top of Mega Soil. There’s not really much point to Super Soil being a thing as is because Mega Soil isn’t that much more expensive or difficult to get the resources for, and I think the extra cost of going through the tiers would feel a bit more in-line.

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