RimCuisine 2 Meals and Munchies Expansion (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Crustypeanuts mod


Non-steam version:

– Added bulk recipes for canned-stuff, lavish and extravagant meals.

— Original Description —
RimCuisine 2: Meals and Munchies Expansion for 1.0

Welcome to RimCuisine 2: Meals and Munchies! This expansion mod is focused on expanding your colony’s repertoire of snacks, foods, and meals for your pawns to gorge themselves on!


New Snacks: New snacks including crisps (chips), cupcakes, and icecream for your pawns to delight themselves on!

New Meals: Make primitive nutrient paste in the form of Rubaboo or revel in gluttonous excess with the Extravagant Meal!

New Food Preservation: Make ingredients last basically forever by canning them! Canned meat, canned vegetables, canned fruit, and canned meals can be made at a cannery! Canneries require electricity and use steel as a fuel source. Canned goods are not only a great way to preserve and store food (being 5x as compact as raw ingredients and last forever), but also are a good trading commodity! Everyone loves canned goods!

The Rim-Co Cook-o-Matic 9,000,000,000 XXXL: This high-tech piece of machinery, made from spacer components, plasteel, and a lot of love is your colony’s solution to.. Well, anything food related. Despite being a power hog at 800 W, this machine lets you produce just about any food en masse. Mass produced meals, ingredients, snacks, and drinks! Requires less skill to make stuff than a regular stove, plus saves time! The Cook-o-Matic requires both Advanced Cooking and the Fabrication techs to make, plus plasteel and spacer components (subject to balancing in time).


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To-do List:

Work on balance!
Minor art tweaks and fixes.
Bugfixes (hopefully there aren’t any!)
Compatibility patches!
More snacks?!?! We’ll see!



Same compatibilities as RimCuisine 2! Go read my rant over there! 😉

I’ve played this game back when they used to email us updates to download. These developers really pulled through. I’ll share one of my favorite moments on Rimworld:

I had an established colony, and one of my colonists had a family of pigs as pets. Ted the pig tamer spent day in and day out training these pigs to be useful around the colony. They would help carry items to storage, and even defend the base against raiders! One day, a part of a ship crashed right in the middle of my base and started emitting and ominous sound. When my colonists went to check it out, several large robotic bugs emerged from the hull of the crashed hull and started tearing into my villagers. They cut through the immediate villagers with their scythe blades and launched explosives into my farm fields, setting them ablaze. As I re-organized my colonists to mount a counter-attack against the robotic alien bugs, the ever-growing horde of pigs that trained under Ted made their move. Their beloved trainer was among the citizens who were cut down initially. Ted was bleeding out and the fire that engulfed the surrounding crops made the situation look dire. The pigs pushed through the center of town and engaged with the alien bugs. As pork and mechanical constructs clashed, my colonists were able to arm themselves and join the fray. Many a pig was crisped by the alien bugs’ futuristic weaponry, or slashed by their mechanical blades. The mass of pork was able to overcome and subdue a huge worm bug that was launching explosives into my town. They were even holding their own against the main force of melee bugs that had made short work of my initial villagers. With the pigs holding the line, and my villagers providing ranged support, the battle raged on. A pile of dismembered pigs lay before the last of the scythe bugs and most of my villagers were laying in the field bleeding out when one final shot put an end to their invasion.

After sustaining heavy losses, my people did their best to patch themselves up and rescue any survivors. The threat had been dealt with. Ted the pig tamer succumbed to his grievous wounds. His legacy of pigs nothing more than burnt ham and crippled piglets. Among the carnage, my villagers were able to rescue and patch up the mother of the pigs who led the charge. She was missing 3 legs and found attempting to crawl away from the wreckage. Among her family, only 2 heavily maimed piglets remained. After being assigned a new handler, they were built a new shelter and well taken care of. It was also a surprise to discover that she was pregnant from before the battle. Time passed and she gave birth to 4 healthy piglets. Shortly after, she lost the strength to keep living and passed on.

Months passed, and the village started to recover. The piglets grew as well. They learned the ways of the village, helping out where they could. In honor of the mother of the pig’s contribution to the survival of my colony, the master woodworker crafted an exquisite bed frame in her likeness. Let her memory live on.

The dev team described the game as ‘Dwarf Fortess meets Firefly’ and after playing for several hours, I can agree.

General Concept:
Hands-off unit direction (You give them a task, and someone will get to it.. when they’re ready!), as you try to achieve more goals, starting from basic survival, to escaping the planet by building a ship, and dealing with random events that can either help you survive, or make your life hell.

– Random Gen World
– Small to Large gameplay areas
– Customizable challenge/gameplay settings
– Easy Start/Hard to Master
– A lot of control over the base building aspects of the game
– Every character has it’s own personality, wants, needs and desires that you need to account for.

– No direct unit control (w/exception for combat)
– Random Gen World doesn’t always spawn with needed resources (you are limited by in-game trade rng)
– Every character has it’s own personality, wants, needs and desires, and will take care of them in the order they want, not the order that might make the most sense.
– Maps are currently only a single ‘layer’
– Single Player

Gameplay Overview:
Dwarf Fortress is a good example of how the game plays, and what you can generally expect. If you’re carfeul about how you assign tasks, you can ‘force’ the AI to do certain things first, but at the of the day, if the character wants to sit and watch the clouds more than cook their food.. they’re going to go hungry while enjoying the view!

Release 14 introduces new modes expending on the core game, often increasing the challenge to the game (one scenario has you start with 1 character, instead of the normal 3), but ultimately is just a variation on the core game. 14 also introduces intergrated Workshop support for custom scenarios you build, which allows for much easier sharing of the scanrio with others.

Overall, a fun game to sit down and kill a bit of free time with, but with enough to do to occupy a larger block of time if you have it to spare. While the maps have various playfield sizes you can choose from, it is still only a single layer map (at least form what I’ve been able to find – I might just be missing something in the UI/game), but never felt ‘small’ or confined. The NPC events (even teh bad events) tend to be fun (or at least as much impact you allow them to be, and provide a very real sense of ‘Aw crap, what happened this time’.

One thing I’d like to eventually see in RimWorld would be a variation of the random NPC ‘story’ archive you get in Dwarf Fortress. You don’t really see the characters ‘story’ recorded in the development of your colony/camp, and given the nature of the game, I think that could draw you in to the lives of the characters a bit more while increasing your emotional investment in them.

If you enjoy ‘god’ games where you do more influencing than directly control gameplay – Yes!

Gameplay Livestream Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG3XJ-y-UBo

This is a positive review but a warning as well.
I’ve spend a lot of time on this game and i will not enforce all the positive aspects that there is to it, because with all the ‘overwhelmingly positives’ reviews it is not necessary. The mechanics of the game are great, there is a ton of stuff to do and to manage and that’s awesome. But i’d like to focus on the super annoying side of rimworld, which for some reason i feel like i’m the only one to be annoyed by.

To summerize it, you’re constantly fighting against the game. The game is trying to destroy you, and you’re trying to survive. It’s a survival game so nothing suprizing here you’ll think. It’s just the way it’s done.

‘intelligent storytelling’, this is complete t. You’re just navigating from random event to random events. Most of them not making any sense and their whole point is just to be here to annoy you, frustrate you and make you lose. And most of them you cannot do anything to prevent them….

Some random events are nice, raid, centipede, infestation, SOME diseases. It gives you some kind of adrenaline rush, you need to plan well, defend, tend on time, it’s a challenge. And that’s cool.

And then you have the immense majority of randoms events, that you cannot prevent, cannot do anything about and are just here to slow you down and you have nothing else to do that watch passively and repair the mess it left. Random stuff breaking out of nowhere… Seriously at some point it’s like one every 10 or 20 sec, i mean seriously?? The infamous Zzzzt.. again coming out of nowhere, starting an explosing and burning around you. Solar Flare, Eclipse, Blight. All stuff that you cannot prevent, that you cannot handle in anyway than just react to it, and which are just here to annoy you. And they chain together. Solar flare every few days, eclipse every few days etc… I mean, seriously??

And the worst of all!! Some disease i never had before called ‘sensitivis something’, which is not like plague or malaria which require timing and management skills. Nope, you can’t do anything about, tend it every once in a while. But it just doesn’t ing want to go away. Then your paws start to be super sentitive mental break every 5 minutes and destroy a otherwise successful colony for no reason. And there is nothing you can do about it. I quitted my last game before it went away ( if it ever do) because it was going completely haywire and there was nothing i could do about it.

I love rimworld but that’s what it is more often than the opposite, random events coming at you where you are mostly completely powerless about them and when there is nothing you can do to prevent them from happening. And you realise you wasted 30h of your life to build a colony which was cool and promising but went to ashes for no reason other that ‘intelligent storytelling’.

It’s sad to say that in the end, once you manage to handle all the events you can be prepared to, and that you manage to make your colony successfull it’s just a game of luck.

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