[CP] Military Furniture

MOD Desc
It’s time to start missions and recruit new members

(Formerly known as ‘Red Horse Furniture’ from the 1.0 version.)

* HESCO walls and Blast Walls
* Camo sleeping bags and portable wood stove
* MREs
* Mission Board and Recruiting Board, recruit new staff, start new missions
* Red Phone/Radio to call your friendly factions for reinforcements!
* Compatibility with [RH] (Red Horse) factions, recruit their pawns on the recruitment board!
* Inconsistent textures! Wow, it doesn’t fit in vanilla!
* A furniture mod that has food, drugs, weapons and apparel! Cool, false advertising!
* 160+ MB of song instrumentals for a radio furniture, radical duude! I love wasting disk space!
* I’m too tired to keep writing more about the description. AMAZING!
* Overpowered vending machine, black hat station and VR Station that has at least 12 months worth of complaints that I will never nerf, WOAH-HOAH! Cowabunga!
* Nuka-Colas.

* Update some of the textures to better fit vanilla later, for now I am out of time but I have revamped as much as I could for the 1.1 transition

1.0 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541528454

Why has the mod been separated/renamed?
Mod was separated due to bloated mod size (360MB+) if uploaded with 1.0 cross compatibility. This is due to 1.0 folder wanting a duplicate sound and textures folder. What causes the large space in this mod is not coding or content, it’s the songs from the radios.

Me no like old name so me change name since new name catchy unlike old name.

Video games referenced in content:
– Fallout
– Ghost Recon: Wildlands
– Metal Gear Solid
– Portal
– Many More

Credits to:
Jecrell – Coding radio and fridge
JangoD’soul – New military radio texture
Albion – Coding missions and reinforcements
Dninemfive – Coding, 1.1 fix
valrossenOliver – 1.1 fix
Mehni – 1.1 fix
Saito Ui – 1.1 traderkinds fix
BajtMe – parka textures
Odstriman – various contributions, textures
Various Sketchfab community artists – textures
MPCT College – military knowledge
Oskrar, Atlas and Kikohi – Patches

In memory of R. Lee Ermey


FAQ: Is this compatible with Combat Exte-

  • – hey Badargo, I like the radio idea but sadly it needs C# and Jecrell already did the commission so he’s long done with it. He doesn’t take work anymore from me cause I dumped too much on him before and he ran into real life issues. Hope he’s okay these days.VR and Black Hat – I’m sure I put black hat on research, the chair is on the wrong side but that’s an automatic choice of the when when flipping textures.I don’t know about the VR station, putting it on research just messes up research entirely. I’m happy with it being addictive and troublesome to colonists to the point where you have to turn it off. I’ve got no time to worry about it at the moment.Red horse gear – I agree, but I’ll have to get back to it after some time when I am more free to do things again
  • Latest update:- Smaller blast wall drawsize, blast wall beauty lowered from 7 to 2 only- HESCO walls are slightly pretty- varnished chipboard floor (low cost floor)- house door (low cost door)- survivalist bed description fixed- Military crate cost fix- Military crate drawsize now slightly smaller- Wood Military crates are now dark tan colored- Reinforcements cost raised 800 and 1500- Mission/Recruitment board description fixes- ‘Coalition’ and ‘Allegiance’ faction patches addedC*nt – Was just a description issue, fixed.- No.1 – Just ran a test, what version are you on? This isn’t happening anymore in 1.1, if I use dev mode or command a colonist the radio stops playing when deconstructed. In the case it does happen, build another radio nearby and select ‘turn off’ option.
  • Updated, fixed blast wall cost count for resources and increased it’s cover.- Hello, see I had the original military tab for all the stuff here but it got the complaint that it’s cluttered in that tab, and some complaints about the extra architect tab that made the menu uneven or cluttered with extra tabs. There’s always someone telling me I clutter the menu, and this was the most minimal way of doing it since everything is at least spread out. especially with the walls and floors in that military tab it caused confusion for people who just wanted the walls and floors in one place. I’m leaving it as is since it’s the only option I have.
  • – Are you refuelling it during the rain without a roof? If so, the fire dies immediately. Its a vanilla feature. If its happening even if its not raining, then its definitely a mod conflict and my only recommendation will be to load this mod above HugsLib since this doesn’t happen otherwise. The coding is exactly the same as campfires.- Yes, FBI SWAT operators are most likely better with intelligence, social, shooting and melee stats, while ANVIL are trained to be jack of all trades that can help cook, build, plant and etc. without being specialised or too good at something. If faction mods from Red Horse are enabled, recruitables appear there also with their own specialisations- Cheers
  • – I can’t think of reasons why this mod would cause that. The new medical items wouldn’t affect the tending behaviour, and the beds which do have medical offsets just use whatever vanilla uses in coding (with some tweaks). This is the first time it’s been reported also, I understand it’s a possibility but I don’t believe this mod is what’s causing your issue- Hello, sorry I have a lot on my plate and so I don’t want to make more smaller mods to maintain. Adding your own songs would take some .xml coding and sound editing, you have to physically put it in the mod as some kind of add-on. I could make a tutorial in the future, but for now I’m out of time and I have mods to update
  • 05/04/20 Update, more details in the change notes:- Military Furniture* Mission patches added for Royalty DLC quests* Mission patches added for Vanilla Expanded: Settlers bounty quest* Mission patches added for Real Ruins quest* Mission patches added for Sparkling Worlds ‘psychic emitter’ quest* Recruitment patches added for Metal Gear Solid 1.1* Recruitment patches added for DOOM 1.1* Recruitment patches added for Spec Ops: The Line 1.1* Recruitment option for an FBI pawntype* Black thermal hat added for FBI pawntype (stuffable helmets for recruits cause errors for crashlanded start)* Here’s to you soundtrack replaced with a better version

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