[1.2] DE Surgeries – Alpha Animals patch

MOD Desc
[1.2] DE Surgeries – Alpha Animals patch

This mod add ‘[1.2] DE Surgeries‘ patch for Alpha Animals.
You can apply ‘[1.2] DE Surgeries‘ cure of illness to your Alpha Animals (pet).

Patch applicable Mod : Alpha Animals (Mod Authors : Sarg Bjornson, AFriend, milon, Skullywag and KapTaiN_KaVerN)

Features : – 2 Treatment of animal infection : (2 Animal infection)
Animal Flu (Normal surgeries)
Animal Plague (Hard surgeries)

Mod Order :
Alpha Animals
[1.2] DE Surgeries (or [1.1] DE Surgeries for RBSE only / [1.2] DE Surgeries Hard)
[1.2] DE Surgeries Alpha Animals patch ( This mod )

Can introduced to existing game save : Since this Mod only add a Alpha Animals patch for [1.2] DE Surgeries (series), it can be introduced into saved data in the middle of the game without any problem.

Welcome to your new home! Good luck not getting killed.
RimWorld is a colony-builder/survival simulation game from one man dev team, Ludeon Studios. In RimWorld you’re presented with a scenario and using the group of people and resources you get, your aim is to survive on a randomly generated rim world. There are three basic scenarios but the game has its own scenario editor as well as workshop support which helps contribute to the game’s huge replay value. Your main goal in the game to research and build a spaceship capable of getting you off what is usually a very dangerous world.

One of the key parts of RimWorld’s gameplay is its AI Storyteller feature, effectively one of two difficulty levels. Your choice of Storyteller dictates what kind of events you’ll see in the game while a second, traditional difficulty level, decides how tough these events will be on your colony. The most common events include the Mad Animal event (an animal will become very aggressive and target your colonists) a Raid event where a local pirate faction will attack you as well as positive events such as Cargo Pod drops or Escape Pod drops. There are also several different environmental events which add a new level of challenge to the game. They range from Solar Flares which temporarily disable all of your colony’s electronics to Toxic Fallouts which will cause a Toxic buildup in a colonist (which can be fatal) if they aren’t indoors. You also have colonist mental break events which occur when a colonist’s mood becomes very low and stays that way for a long period of time. Sometimes a colonist will simply lock themselves in a room but serious mental breaks can lead to going berserk in which case the colonist will become hostile. Your colonists can also randomly get serious diseases such as malaria or the plague as well as common illnesses which are usually caused by combat-inflicted injuries.

Depending on your Storyteller and difficulty level these events can be very difficult, and will often be the downfall of your colony. Surprisingly, this isn’t at all frustrating, in fact what I enjoy the most about RimWorld is the stories you get from your playthroughs and the most interesting stories come from the death of your colony. In my second attempt at the game, one of four colonists and the pet dog were killed during a pirate raid. The colonist who had developed a bond with the dog became incredibly unhappy and went beserk. He was equipped with a rifle and easily took out the two remaining colonists while the pirates worked on destroying my power supply. When my beserk colonists finally went outside, the pirates turned their attention to the poor sod, they peppered him with bullets and carried him back to their base. With that my colony was destroyed.

Generally when I’m utterly destroyed in a game I get frustrated and take a break from it, not RimWorld. Each time I’ve lost a colony I’ve restarted instantly and the reason behind this is the replay value the game has. Even if you’re playing the same scenario, the colonists you ‘choose’ (you have no customisation options but you can randomise to get a group of colonists you’d prefer) have a huge impact on how your game turns out and how you manage your colony, even if you build similar structures. Your colonists will have varying skill levels for the different types of work in the game. To some extent these are random but they’re also dependent upon the colonist’s background (type of childhood and profession) and the character’s traits. A doctor or vet will always have a high medical skill level while a torturer or hunter will have a good melee skill level. Traits often have more of an indirect impact on the colonist’s ability. A beautiful character will be better in social situations and a psychopath is incapable of social interaction and only cares about things that directly impact them.

Colonist traits also influences how characters interact with each other and what consequences those interactions will have. If a character with the beautiful or pretty trait attempts to romance another character it’s far more likely that the character will be successful. This might not seem like an important gameplay feature but interaction with other characters is one of the main happiness modifiers. Anything from having a nice chat to making love with another colonist gives a bonus to happiness but getting rejected or being insulted will make the colonist unhappy for quite some time. There are of course plenty of other happiness modifiers. Taking part in social or recreational activities gives large boosts while executing an innocent prisoner or eating human flesh give massive negative modifiers. The severity of the modifier dictates the length of the modifier. Having a rough night’s sleep on lasts until the next night while getting rejected can last for an in-game week. There is some balancing that needs to be done for some of the modifiers, the modifier for getting rejected is particularly lengthy.

Being a colony survival sim, building is obviously a very important part of the game. If you’re familiar with Prison Architect then the building mechanics will be fairly easy to grasp. You’ll be designing and ordering your colonists to build different structures as well as furniture for your colonists to use and enjoy as well as production items such as butcher tables, cooking tables and research benches. You’ll also have zones at your disposal to help run your colony. You can set up stockpile zones (and choose what’s stored in any given stockpile) for storing resources, growing zones to grow food and other useful crops such as a plants for herbal medicine and cotton to use in the production of clothes. One of the things that RimWorld is missing compared to similar games such as Gnomoria is RimWorld doesn’t have Z Levels, I.e. the ability to build up or down, you’re stuck on the ground floor. This isn’t a huge issue as the maps are very large (depending on what size you pick) but it’s still worth mentioning. Tynan Sylvester hasn’t ruled out Z Levels being added in the future but it requires a lot of work and so if we do see it in RimWorld it’s a long way off.

RimWorld is not only an excellent, highly entertaining colony sim, it’s also one of the most polished and content rich Early Access games I’ve had the pleasure of playing. It may seem like its priced a little high but RimWorld is absolutely worth every penny.

This is the story of Arkady.

Arkady had crash landed on different planet with his ex-wife Reika and a teen named Red.

Arkady was taught in his previous life to never helped the wounded, so he would not doctor anyone. I knew that this would eventually be the downfall of Arkady.

Life goes on for the colony.

They end up naming themselves the Hialeah colony.

Hialeah was not a very advanced colony. It was difficult to survive due to the lack of knowledge on how to create a sustainable food source, but they managed to do so and were happy.

Then the Dark Scythes attacked.

The Dark Scythes were a local tribe that were hell bent on looting the Hialeah colony.

Raid after raid went by, but Arkady led the charge in each battle to protect what he had created.

Arkady and Reika found that spark once again that they had when they were first married, they were now once again in a relationship.

A worker from another tribe joins called Lee.

Things are going well for the Hialeah colony.

Arkady felt that he was once again ready to spend his life with Reika, so he proposed.

She accepted and they were ready to get married.

The collapse started when Cobra showed up.

Cobra was a former member of the Dark Scythes who was on the run. He asked to join the Hialeah colony for protection.

The colony decides to let him in.

The Dark Scythes did not take kindly to this and attacked with full force.

Lee was the first to fall. He had his nose and left ear shot off. Many other bullet wounds were found on his body, primarily in his left leg.

Reika fell second. She was shot many time in the chest, but she took many out before she fell.

Lee and Reika were rushed to their beds for treatment by Red.

Cobra and Arkady were able to chase the attackers away.

Arkady got a pulse rifle from one of the dead attackers.

Just when Cobra was about to help the wounded, the Dark Scythes started another attack.

This attack was different than the first. They had decided that they had lost enough men on frontal attacks, so they were planning on using mortars.

There were two people incapable of walking due to their wounds, so waiting them out was not an option.

Arkady went since he could not help the wounded in any other way, and Cobra went too since he was the reason this was happening.

The two men were heavily outnumbered, but not out gunned. Most of the 9 attakers only had pistols or single shot rifles, while Arkady had a charge rifle and Cobra had an SMG.

They were able to push back the attackers, but Cobra was badly wounded in his torso.

Arkady and Cobra returned home.

Cobra was near death, so he was forced to stay in bed until he could get better.

At this point in time there are three wounded people that all are getting infections.

Food was once again low, so the only thing Arkady could do to help was go hunting.

Just as he was about to leave for his hunt, the experiences he had in combat caught up to him and he had a mental breakdown infront of everybody.

Reika could not forgive Arkady for breaking down at the moment she needed him most, so she called off the wedding.

Overwhelmed by grief, Arkady had another breakdown.

At this point it looked like Lee would need an amputation of his left leg, Reaika would die due to her left lung being infected, and Cobra would die to multiple infections in his torso.

Arkady was an outcast to his own colony, but he was the only one who could save them from this.

Then an escape pod crash landed not far from the colony.

In the wreckage was Sloan, a woman who was badly injured.

Arkady was exhausted from his constant efforts to support the colony, but he went to save his only chance of a person that would respect him and treat him normally.

Red used the last of the medicine stockpile to save Sloan.

Once Sloan woke up, she decided to leave.

Arkady was not about to let that happen after they used the last of the medicine that could have been used on his fellow colonists on her.

Arkady confronts Sloan outside as she is trying to leave.

Sloan refuses to return, and Arkady has been pushed to his limit. He beats Sloan to death.

Time goes on after this.

All of the colonists have made a full recovery.

None of the colonists forgave Arkady for murdering Sloan.

A new tribe attacks with only clubs. They are easily warded off, but Arkady manages to capture one of them that has very high speech.

Red tries to treat the new prisoner, but the prisoner goes insane.

Arkady was forced to shoot the prisoner.

Even though he was forced to, none of the other colonists understood and claimed he killed her in cold blood. This was most likely due to what happened with Sloan.

They can not act on any of this though since the Dark Scythes attack once again.

Everyone takes cover behind the sand bags and prepares themselves.

This time the Dark Scythes brought grenades and molotovs.

Fire starts to spread. Cobra is the first to get engulfed in the flames.

Next is Lee. Both of them died without any hope of saving them.

Arkady and Reika are the only ones left that are able to fight.

Arkady dies next to Reika from a direct hit molotov.

That is the end of Arkady, but his colony could return to its former glory.

Red treats Reika’s wounds.

Half of the buildings are burned to the ground.

Reika returns to full health.

Now it is time to rebuild.

It is winter so the first thing they need to do is set up a source of heat.

They are about to set up the power once again, but Reika goes berzerk and murders the her savior, Red.

Reika did what she hated Arkady for, killing someone in cold blood.

Reika dies due to the cold.

The Hialeah colony is now all dead, with barely anything still standing to show for it.

Reika broke the man that was Arkady. Hialeah was nothing without Arkady.

you Reika.

10/10 would burn to death and watch my friends murder each other again.

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