[O21] Clutter Furniture

MOD Desc
Adds various (mostly)functional furniture, with custom research tree and crafting to obtain them.

Many of the new furniture items are crafted in a manner not typical to Rimworld, they’re crafted in a new workbench with components made at another workbench. There’s also several furniture items that cycle textures using a button on the UI when they are selected instead of having separate buildable items.

Some things from the original mod have been disabled as i could not get them working or another mod already does it that would end up conflicting. In the case of the beds, I couldn’t get the original code working properly so have split them into a dropdown menu, the visuals will all be decided by what one you place rather than the prisoner/medical settings (to be honest I’ve started to prefer it this way).

This is just a direct update as best I could, so nothing is going to be changed or added. I do however plan to make an extended mod remaking this from scratch, uprezzing the visuals by redrawing the art, adding more things, redoing how some things were done, etc. But that won’t be any time soon.

Include a Hugslib Log (Ctrl+F12) regardless of issue, along with explanation. No log means no help.

Original mod by mrofa, fork to support Rimworld 1.1 by neronix17.


In RimWorld, it’s your job to manage the lives of crash-landed survivors, with the ultimate goal of living long enough to construct a shuttle in order to escape the hostile planet you’ve landed on.

In order to do so, first, you’ll have to construct a base capable of withstanding the AI’s ever-increasing threats. Half of the fun is in designing your base however you want to, just make sure it has some sturdy defenses since the game’s surprisingly complex combat system takes such things as cover, concealment, and range into consideration.

Your characters are randomly generated and have their own advantages, disadvantages, and even relations to one another in some cases. You also choose what type of environment you want to begin in: jungle, arctic, desert, and several other biomes. You must be aware that the more extreme climates are much more of a challenge to settle within. Although you will get raided from time to time, or perhaps attacked by some random animals, much of the fun to be had in RimWorld is just seeing how your colonists interact with each other, as well as how they deal with different situations.

RimWorld is a fantastic survival simulation game and has a wealth of content to indulge in.

It’s an exciting game that offers a highly unique take on the ever-growing survival genre. It combines colorful, detailed graphics, along with engaging game mechanics. Each game is very different from others and unfolds organically, allowing for virtually limitless replay value.

If you’re even remotely interested in survival games, or games in which you actually begin to care about your little digital protagonists, then grab a copy of RimWorld.

– One of the best simulations in recent memory
– Great art style and overall mood
– Tons of replay value
– Great game mechanics
– A story of your own creativity

– Can’t think of anything

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