[CP] Retro Joy

MOD Desc
‘Guys, you understand you don’t have to burn this village down right? They were gonna give you this awe- fine whatever.’

Roll for initiative.’

Adds the following:

– Comfy Boy armchair
– Tiny Retro tea table (updated to 1.1 with a new texture, formerly a Hexagon table)
– Rock ’em Sock ’em table
– Dungeons and Randies table (updated to have up to 8 players!)
– Rimtendo Entertainment System

dninemfive for updating this mod to 1.0
Barky – For reviewing the mod during B18
TSR and Wizards of the Coast for D&D
Nintendo for suing everybody
MATTEL – Rock Em’ Sock Em’

  • That being said, I don’t think you were doing that out of malice, it looked like you just didn’t know better, and hey, that’s okay, no one pops out the womb knowing everything. Listening to people with different experiences than yours and learning from them is one of the most important things a person can do. Because of that, I’m willing to extend the same consideration. I’m not religious, so I dhadn’t thought about how me saying ‘for the love of god’ casually would be upsetting to someone that is religious. But now that I know that upsets you, I’m gonna not do it. I hope you can extend that same courtesy to trans people and understand why what you had previously said would be hurtful towards them and that would be your reason for editing the mod, rather than simply doing it so people stop complaining. Understanding *why* people were upset is important
  • Jordan – EL JEFE LOCO – Just tested it right now with dev mode, minimal mods installed and used the ‘-20% joy’ test on pawns. They used the D&D table and also the rock em’ sock em. Lastly tested on the Rimtendo and they used that too. I believe another mod is causing this or perhaps they just haven’t had the chance to use them yet._____________Hey cheers guys sorry I’m super tired as always and with all the business around I’ve been too busy to respond and thank all of you so I do now. Thanks for the support, with the past issue regarding the chair and political correctness, I can safely say it’s not worth the trouble. If some people found it inappropriate to be in a mod and felt compelled to speak up about it then sure, the mod is here for everyone and it’s not a place where there needed to be conflict about things since we come here to play and have fun.Anyways all, take care always I’ll be sleeping soon
  • – You don’t know who I am, you don’t know what I’ve done in this life, all you know about me is that I like chickens, I make mods and I made a bad joke.Did you know I removed the joke before but people wanted it back? No of course not. Cause you don’t know, other person didn’t know.I appreciate you’re trying to do the right thing, but the anger is misplaced. I don’t want to talk about this here, if you want a serious conversation, we talk in private. I don’t wanna make a discussion about what’s right and what’s wrong in a furniture mod, I’ve edited it and it’s done.
  • Yes…that’s what I need. Chair research. Please… Make it so. 5 tiers of comfort and joy as the result of my crack (head) research team and years of tuft and cushioning development enabling a grand sitting experience beyond mere wooden stools and dining room chairs… Make the final graphic one of those 9 grand massage chairs that removes your nervous and vascular systems then gently massages and nourishes all your neurons and aching capillaries on a cellular level. Oh and your muscles too. Specially the one between the ears… I so want one of these in my living room right now. Cheers..!

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