Range Animal Framework

MOD Desc
Update of BrokenValkyrie’s mod for RimWorld 1.1

This is a reupload of an existing mod, updated to a new version.I did not make this mod and I claim no ownership of it.If the original author wants it I wil take this version down.Original author can use this version to update their mod.I will try to implement changes if requested.If I don’t update in the future, you can update this mod instead.
This mod itself has no in-game impact, but by taking advantage of this mod, you can let the animal make a ranged attack!

How to Use – Add <verbs> to the same hierarchy as <tools>, etc. in the animal’s ThingDef.
– For the code in <verbs>, refer to the weapon’s ThingDef
– If you want the original attack, you need to change the <defaultProjectile> and create the bullet’s ThingDef.
– Since there is no cooldown time as it is, it is recommended to add the code <defaultCooldownTime> in <verbs>.
– Also, the default hit rate will always be 100%, so I recommend changing this as well.



Put this in the <verbs><li>.

*If <verbs> contains <forcedMissRadius>, there is no need to write a hit ratio.

Tips Do you want your animal to have multiple verbs?
It’s very easy to achieve.

Example of xml.

<verbs> <li> <!– first verb –> </li> <li> <!– second verb –> </li></verbs>
That’s all.
As a reminder, start describing the verb with a short range.
Because the verbs above take precedence.

List of Mods that use this mod

Thank you for using!
If you’d like to be added, please comment.

==========Original Description==========

Version 1.2.1

This mods unlocks range attack for animals. Intended for modder and user.

Credit to fluffy for the original conception. I started off from their base code. https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=16091.0

Animals will not hunt using range attack.

Animals with range behavior acts differently. Manhunter animal will prioritize targets that are reachable. If it fails to find reachable pawn it will look for shootable target, this includes target hiding behind embrasure mod.

Tame animals will try to stick close to master to take shots. Tame animal with release trained will seek cover, whether they are released or not. Released animal behave similar to AI defending escorts. Tame animals aren’t savvy about avoiding friendly fire, if you have a tame dragon and its about to breath fire, make way.

Supported Mod:

Dragon Mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1580356492

I plan to support more animals, this include mod animal support. Feel free to make request and suggestion.

Its very likely the mod will need tweaking, feedback will be welcome.

Shiro, Spirit Wolf(cause okami reference)


Given my current work schedule and lack of motivation I decided I am unable to continue to work on Rimworld mods and will be making an exit in the mod scene indefinetely.

I hereby will be allowing my work to be continued and published by other. I ask only for credit. This will apply to all my current workshop.

I used to play rimworld before it came out on steam, since a very early alpha i believe. When i was browsing the steam community, and saw a rimworld review, i immediately dashed to my PC, and got busy working on obtaining the steam key.

It was a little drama obtaining the steam key due to the huge amount of traffic on the devs’ servers, and i found myself frustrated a couple of times, but after a long time of doing, i finally got it. This wont affect my review though.

Rimworld is an extraordinary colony management sim, which combines PA and dwarf fortress. The game is frequently updated (credits to u ty), and such theres something to explore most of the time.

As mentioned in the huge list below, rimworld is a sci-fi, albeit realistically aimed simulator, and succesfully lives up to type with the amount of features it haves. The features all together make it very realistic-like, but thats not the end. The devs will continue on this game for a while (hopefully), and new features will arise.

In any case, this really is a recommender, since its lives up to the features it promises, unlike the big AAA games everyone talks about.

My first 45 mins of Rimworld

-Tutorial battle against one pathetic bandit
– My best fighter gets shot in the right Kidney
-Develops severe kidney infection
– No one has medical knowledge or equipment
-Left with no choice
-2nd most competent party member attempts amateur surgery
– Fighter dies (RIP Vince, forever in our hearts)
– ‘One of your party is having a mental breakdown’
-Not the guy who just killed his mate with bad surgery….
– …..Its my f*****g dog (A tiny Yorkshire terrier)
-Dog attacks new strongest party member
– Other guy goes to sleep on top of Vince’s corpse
– Main guy stabs dog to death
– I cant figure out how to bury corpses
– Guy continues sleeping on vince’s souring corpse , dead dog at foot of the bed

*EDIT* the guy who got bitten by the mentally unstable dog later died due to an infection from said bite, plus side is I now know how to bury corpses.

So far loving it xD Jokes aside its kinda hard to get a grasp on how to play , but once you start to get the hang of it , the experience is very satisfying and enjoyably unpredictable. Worth a play

A game that can only be described as a work of art.
Rimworld is a stunning game that takes the familiar art style and ease of use of a game like Prison architect and blends it with a similar complexity and AI intelligence of a game like Dwarf fortress, All this and it also mixes it with the feeling of Firefly or a similar sci fi!.

I initially brought into rimworld Febuary of 2014 and was stunned by the game playing it with and without awesome mods up until now, The dev has taken some of the best mods and ideas the community thrown at him and implemented them fantasticly. I have nothing but praise for this game and how far it has come, It’s early access done right and is worth the money easy. The game already feels more complete and full then pretty much any other games of a similar genre ( other then the big daddy Dwarf Fortress ).

I love the game.
The dev has the communitys trust.
if this is your sort of game then GO AND BUY IT!.
Also buy it from the website as it will give you a steam key and give the Developers more money to support this project for longer.

Thank you Tynan and co you guys ROCK!

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