Rice Rice Baby

MOD Desc
This mod extends certain mods. For now, only Achtung. More to com later!
For all the special people on Twitch <3

  • I come to report a game breaking bug. I wasn’t able to load into any save for 2 days already.I can start a new game, but once I save the game and quit, I won’t be able to load back into the save game. To be more specific: I would be stuck in the loading screen step of ‘initializing maps components’ forever. I tried to stayed on the loading screen for 1 hour and it still got to nowhere, the only way is to forced closed the entire game.I was lucky enough to target this mod after a few trys after entire day of opening and forced closing the game. (I tried to removed the mods which had updated within these few days). I only removed this mod, nothing else, and I could instantly load all my saves again.Unfortunately, I can’t provide any error log, since there isn’t any when I was just stucking inside a loading loop. The only other info I can provide would be that I don’t see Facial Stuff.
  • I also think it will be helpful to just stated this bug out in case of someone else having same issues, since it is possibly one of the worst kind of bug to deal with. The game isn’t playable with the mod and it takes twice as much of the time to target the problematic mods, since every testing means: removed a mods from the list, followed by reloading the game, then tried to load a save and then stuck in the loading loop, force closed the game, and then go back to starting over. It takes one extra time to load the game for every testing. It can takes a while for people who has a huge modlist. I got pretty lucky to target the correct one in the first few attempts.
  • Found a very funny mods interaction.I used this mod called RazzleDazzle! (1.0) by Bar0th.This mod enable a job type ‘Perform’ which allows pawns to perform on stage or at a microphone and the rest of the colony will gather around to listen for recreation. The thing is, they produce hearts during performance, which lead to the sex sound, so ya… everyone gathered around to watch a colony moaning into a microphone on stage. LMAO Best mods interaction ever.
  • Yeah, I don’t want to turn Lovin completely off (nor should I have to) Your only customizable settings are Romance, Cheating, and Rice (and why would any of those apply to two already married pawns, other than in Cheating?) Have you even considered once that your description of your mod sucks, before you’re going to get uppity? It’s pretty stupid that I need to repair my bed every single day and that pawns need an extra 2 hours of sleep because they can’t stop humping.You’ve literally told someone in this thread that they need to find out what your mod does? Someone even told you on this page ‘This mod description is so descriptive’ and you flat-out say it is on purpose.Sorry that you want people to play a guessing game. The only reason I was even using it was because it keeps pawns from cheating, but I guess I’ve just got to figure out the rest instead of asking a standard question about the functionality of your mod. I guess we’re all supposed to just guess.
  • I actually suspect it might be the conflict with Reverse Commands mod instead of this mod, since this mod only adds some audio and png file I assumed?Right now, whenever I tried to use the force command, my pawn will persist on doing its current job, and then do it after. I am also able to double force the same job with the same pawn, which will result in the queued forced job being canceled. If I try to use the force command while the pawn isn’t doing anything or doing joy/sleep, they sometimes will just freeze at their spot with an ‘idle’ status on them. In the ‘idle’ incident, the ‘double forcing command’ sometimes fixed the issue and they will proceed to do the forced job, other times, they stayed frozen on the spot and I will just have to draft then undraft them to fix the issue.
  • hi mistletoe, im only on about 485 mods but here is something that helps me if there is a conflict that might work for you too..if you go do your mods folder, and sort by date modified (or can search for folders modified recently) it should show you which (small handful) of mods have been updated…that should then help a bit to minimise the list of which ‘existing’ mods (possibly broke something in a recent update), plus if you know which batch of mods you recently ‘added’, then a bit of trial and error should do the trick. (in theory) ๐Ÿ™‚

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