Trader ships

MOD Desc
Adds trader spaceships to the game. Ships will visit your colony, preferring landing pads (either from royalty expansion, or landing zone designation added by this mod), and trade with you just like visiting caravans, without the need for trade beacons or comm console. Trader ships are meant to replace orbital traders, but you can set both to be active in settings.

Ship traders use same inventories as orbital traders. Mods that add more traders, like Let’s Trade, are compatible: you’ll get traders from those mods as trade ships.

Does not require Royalty.

This mod should be safe to add to a save game. Removing it when the ship is mid-flight will break the game (black screen and constant error messages). Otherwise, you will get some error lines in log but game should recover.

If you want to contribute to mod, I accept pull request to the github repository.

Translations contributed by:
Azarashi (Esp) – Spanish

  • OH, one of the Royalty ranks describes being the pilot or commander of ships such as these, right? What if this was expanded to let us send our royal person up in a ship to do some trading around the planet? The way I imagine it they would be sent off with some supplies to trade, spend a few days to a week hopping around the planet, they would return some time later with a randomized amount of money and loot based on skill table dependencies. Not knowing what they would come back with would make it more fun, but there should be risk so maybe they have a chance of getting captured by pirates, even odds of space pirates who demand a ransom and land pirates who ransom but you can go rescue with a raiding party. If you have Save Our Ship then you could also launch a rescue for the space pirate capture. Alright, that’s all I have to contribute to ideas for this mod, that I got this inspired only speaks to how great an idea it already is!
  • I just loaded the game with the trade ship quest available. The ship won’t spawn because the system cannot see the tradeShip.It worked when I accepted at first as the ship was spawned correctly. The issue is with saving the game and not saving the info about the trade ship:Could not resolve reference to object with loadID Thing_TraderShipsShip74354 of type Verse.Thing. Was it compressed away, destroyed, had no ID number, or not saved/loaded right? curParent=QuestPart_ShipsTradeRequest (index=0) curPathRelToParent=Verse.Log:Warning(String, Boolean)Verse.LoadedObjectDirectory:ObjectWithLoadID(String)Verse.CrossRefHandler:TakeResolvedRef(String, IExposable)Verse.CrossRefHandler:TakeResolvedRef(String)Verse.Scribe_References:Look(Thing&, String, Boolean)TraderShips.Quest.QuestPart_ShipsTradeRequest:ExposeData()Verse.CrossRefHandler:ResolveAllCrossReferences()Verse.ScribeLoader:FinalizeLoading()Verse.Game:LoadGame()…
  • Just wanted to share my experience:First off, mod works mostly as advertised. There are some issues I have experienced though:1.) Removing mod generates an error with Rimefeller, soemthing with the map gets broken.2.) Ships will not land if orbital traders are set to allowed (only exception to this is missions, those ships will land when you accept quest.)I cant speak to the other issues people are experiencing. The trader money issue has more to do with other mods, traders are generally contained in the mod that causes them to spawn. You can try a mod like ‘Traders have money’ or a bunch of others to help with trader silver amount. For me missions work perfeclty as well.All in all its a great mod, I just wish that the oribital trader toggle still worked. I have a lot of modded traders and had hoped I could ‘double up’ on traders between the ships landing and orbital. For now its one or the other as they dont work together for me.
  • A thought I have for restricting ‘pre-comms’ trade ships would be to use stepped gatekeeping: Have a number of things that, if you lack them, you have a reduced chance of having a ship visit. Say, 100% if you have a comm console and a designated landing pad but 10% if pre-electric and just a landing zone.Obvious things could include: A landing zone, a landing pad, (better), electricity, microelectrics, a comms console, (which might also be allowed to have you send out a ‘are there any (foo) traders in the area?[1]’ signal), and a trade beacon[2].This reduced chance could be combined with a price penalty for being too primitive, (‘you’re lucky we’re stopping by your primitive village at all’).[1] Of course you’ll have to pay for said trader to go out of his way. You might also have a bunch of pirates either jumping out of the ship or being delivered by drop pod as the ship flies past.[2] What’s in the beacon’s radius possibly tweaking what kind of trader you get
  • Great mod idea, did you make the art for the ships yourself? They look great, just gonna make a suggestion as a fun idea. Out There Omega has some spiffy ship art, some of them are organic too, which leads in nicely to my other idea, No Man’s Sky ships and organics.Just a thought, great mod regardless, but it would be nice to also have a toggle for disabling all trade options except for ships. Two reasons, one, if I am on a one tile island then nobody should be coming to trade anyway, two, maybe people don’t want to trade with anyone but the Empire and these ships can be assumed as being from there. Being able to toggle ships only coming once you are a certain rank within the Empire would then also be a nice little thing to have.On the one tile island topic, anyone know of a good mod for disabling friendly visitors? In that situation the only people I want coming by are raids and crashed or landed pods.

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