[KV] ReColor Stockpile & Growing Zones

MOD Desc
Re-color Stockpile and Growing Zones.

Direct Download:

Use ModSync RW to know if/when this gets updated: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-modsync-rw/releases/download/1.0/ModSyncRW.zip

Github: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-recolorzones/

Ludeon Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=34111.0

Thanks to the translators:
Proxyer – Japanese

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Whether you are a benevolent ruler or a sadistic fiend then Rimworld has plenty to offer you.

Build a utopia, build a farm, built hell on earth!

What other game could offer you the opportunity to farm exploding camels! Or capture your enemies and harvest their organs! If you feel like it you can even farm/manufacture stuff and send out trade caravans to sell your goods and reinvest it for the good of the colony though I personally consider behaviour like that to be a bit strange.

Rimworld is a proper time-sink and you’ll be surprised and how attached you can become to these odd limbless weeble-folk but BEWARE; you may experience slight feelings of horror and regret if your colonists are forced to be shut in for months due to some breed of huge inconvenient disaster, slowly starve to death due to all the crops and animals being wiped out and ravenously begin to eat their former colleagues corpses before they have even begun to cool.

For some reason they always start with the faces…perhaps they are particularly tender and juicy?

A ton of great workshop content too so you can arm you colonists to the gills, decorate with funky furniture or just have a colony purely consisting of anime maids and handlebar mustached macho-men…

3 points of advice though:
1) ALWAYS play on permadeath
2) Try and avoid any of the really game-breaking workshop content – BALANCE IS KEY!
3) Buy and enjoy the sh*t out of this game IMMEDIATELY!

Peace out.

I found this game had a steep learning curve. Thankfully the latest alpha release includes a tutorial and sort of an in-game ‘wiki’ for different items. The game itself is beyond fantastic. This game is early access but honestly plays better than most stable live releases. Once you understand the game, you can customize virtually every aspect of your colony by setting gamerules–and the rich modding community allows for some truly epic possibilities.

As for the gameplay itself, it functions as a 2D survival/base-builder game. You select a group of colonists who crashland on a ‘rimworld’, a sort-of ‘backwater planet’ on the edges of space. Your goal is to build a self-sustaining colony and ultimately construct another ship to leave the planet (although you can easily just sandbox this game and you really never have to leave). There are multiple difficulty settings, and there are even built-in debug tools if you enjoy cheating/pure sandboxing it.

Gameplay includes building, hunting, combat, agriculture, production lines/crafting, trade, and even medicine. The latter is a particularly interesting aspect because not only can you treat injuries, you can perform surgeries on your colonists such as organ transplants, bionic upgrades–and you can even harvest prisoner’s organs and sell them on the black market. Newest update lets you grow, manufacture and sell drugs, as well, if that’s your type of thing.

There really is no limit to this game. It’s a complete time-sink and one of the most entertaining EA games I’ve ever owned.

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