Toolmetrics: Work Tools for Pawns

MOD Desc
~= Work Tools for Pawns =~
v1.1 for Alpha 17

This mod adds 41 weapon-slot hand tools aimed at non-combat usage for pawns to equip.


✔ Offer meaningful choices to the equipment system by giving pawns desirable non-combat options that compete for space and resources with combat options

✔ Provide more meaning to certain pre-existing mechanics, such as equipment racks, smithing, crafting spots and component tables.

✔ Allow for deeper end games with fewer pawns by increasing the ability of specialists pawns with sufficient resources as support.

✔ Makes establishing multiple colonies easier and more viable.


* New weapons category, ‘Tools’, that are equippable by pawns.

* 41 new tools, each of which provides benefits to a specific type of role within the colony, such as tailoring or plant cutting.

* Tools are balanced as melee weapons.

* Tools are tiered by technologies, and available to craft from smithing, tailoring, crafting spots, component benches, or machining tables.

* Raiders will occasionally spawn with tools, especially in low value raids or disorganized raiding parties. The majority of raiders will keep proper weapons.

* Tools are largely makeable from any available stuff, as opposed to specific recipes.

I agree there is some issue with players desiring micro intensive activities regarding tools. My personal experience is that as I use this mod, I setup some equipment benches in key locations around my colony. At the beginning of a raid, the pertinent colonists grab weapons, and at the end of the raid they can pick up their tools (if they’re not incapacitated). Some specific tools such as first aid kits hang out in key places for when things go wrong. Swapping constantly back and forth between tools is not only annoying, but seems to be counter-productive. You spend too much time and effort running around with tools.It’s interesting to me to setup different choices and contingency plans around the colony. I have no specific issues with overly large amounts of micro even on Extreme – raids are a little annoying single every character has one more task to do after being drafted but otherwise it’s not overly arduous.

I don’t really understand whats so interesting about a concept of restricting colonists to have a tool OR a weapon equipped. Either it causes the aforementioned micro – as you’ll have to rush to your armory to take arms with each colonist and prepare for incoming raid, or if the raid just drops down on you in podsbugs spawn in your bedroomdining room – you’re simply screwed instantly as you don’t have a weapon to fight back. As on higher difficulties storytellers tend to test your defenses pretty damn often, usefullnes of having tools on you is questionable.Of course you could just designate some guys to be crafterbuilder with tools and other as combat units, but most often when shit hits the fan, closest pawn that can take action will 200% be someone with a tool. Not to mention that with raids mostly outnumbering you, every single shooter counts, even crappy ones. So weapons will always outweight tools in importance IMO.

Duffel bag and backpack increase carrying capacity stat on info page BUT don’t make pawns carry more than x75 of most things (checked by equipping/unequipping, checking pawn stats then making them haul stuff, like rice/hay etc).Other tools work fine (if a little confusing, skill saw makes you plant quicker but don’t use it to harvest? yeah sure… if you say so.. I use an angle grinder to plant cactuses personally all the time :P)If that could be fixed I’d officially LOVE this mod, as it stands its useful and also a little clunky.Goes great with simple sidearms, would love a way for pawns to autoswitch between their tools depending on the task, not just combat ranged vs melee.Any chance for some kinda collaboration on that front?More interested in the the first thing though, with the backpacks and whatnot.

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