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Bedrolls are used from the inventory. When a pawn needs to rest but can’t find a bed, he’ll place a bedroll from his inventory (he can find an uninstalled bed on the ground, or in some other inventory)

Bedrolls are picked back up after sleeping.

People remember their bed from their home colony, so when they use a new bed after a raid, they will re-claim their bed back home.

Bedrolls aren’t used if the pawn has an assigned bed. There is an option to use bedrolls if their assigned bed is too far away.

Bedrolls can be created at tailoring benches (in minified form instead of a constructed building)

This all technically applies to any type of bed, if you can get a pawn to hold it.
They will prefer to find a nearby roofed room to sleep in.
Bedrolls are shared amongst members of a caravan: they will all have one so you don’t need to find a bedroll from someone else. Though they can grab from others.
Beds aren’t placed in zones, which would break them.
Gizmos on the bed to show it’s carried by someone, and you can order a drafted pawn to pick up their bed.
While loading a caravan, beds in the caravan manifest are not used to sleep in (which would remove them the list) (you have bedrooms to use, right?) (worst case you sleep on the ground one night while loading a large caravan.)

Do you want to get food from animal’s inventory? Meals On Wheels

Do you want medicine from your inventory? Smart Medicine

Do you want to build from your inventory? Build From Inventory

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  • Im playing tribal with no rooms. I’m trying to see if i i can distract my pawns from sleeping under my storage lean to’s and cliffhangs. . One strategy i’ve used is planting a field of flowers and placing all joy activities there and restricting joy till late evening so they sleep in the fields. They have to replant the flowers they slept on. But thats growing exp. The hard working bastards are my troubles ironically, as they just can’t seem to leave the workplace. They work far into the night and then suddenly collapse after finishing their task and go straight for my stockpiles ha. If i worked food production in a communal anarchy i probably would sleep next to the food too!The joy bars seem to be too full all the time. So they just work right up until sleep. They rarely seek pleasure ,because their work is their joy. Darn over-achievers! They can’t be bothered to go hang out with the hippies in the sunflower and lavender fields. I might need to banish them.
  • I have a few bugs, that should be caused by this mod- Bedrolls disappear, i had something like 30 in total and over time they all vanished, either in my base or on caravans- When i craft bedrolls, nothing appears. This happens only for bedrolls.- I have 2 bedroll blueprints in my base, but no bedrolls belonging to them. The blueprints cant be removed and block the space forever- Colonists often dont pick up their bedroll- When forming a big caravan and loading massive amounts of stuff onto a 30-50 animals, the pawns get tired, because they may have started late at night. The caravan is supposed to take 15 bedrolls and they were loaded on the animals. Now the pawns take them off, put them on the ground and go to sleep. The bedrolls never get put back into the caravan and because they are missing, the caravan never leaves. Also the bedrolls destroyed stockpiles all over the base and the pawns should have used their own beds.Otherwise I love this mod!Hope this helps.
  • Hey, there’s one fairly serious bug with this mod – it looks like pawns will go get bedrolls that are *outside their restricted-area*. (Like, will they run out of the base, into the face of a manhunter pack, if there happens to be a bedroll sitting out in a field somewhere? Yikes.)One related thing: in general, this mod causes some weird and/or annoying behaviours ‘At Home’ so to speak (I once had a newly-recruited colonist who just couldn’t wait for his bedroom to be finished, grab a bedroll, place it in the freezer … and proceed to lose a bunch of extremities to hypothermia. wtf.); and instead of trying to think of every single corner-case and handle it well … maybe just add an option to allow us to disable the mod when colonists aren’t on a caravan? i.e. on home-base maps?Just a thought, if you’re still working on mods! Thanks for your efforts!
  • Here is my Modlist:HugslibAnimal LogicNumbersMedical TabProsthetic IconsSimple Bulk CookingAdditional LightsStack XXLQuality BuilderDefensive PositionsAnimal TabUse BedrollsSmart MedicineAuto SellerIt’s pretty much only interface- and QoL mods to make big colonys less annoying to play.I don’t see what else in there would interact with bedroll production.Also I added your mod to the existing save, when the colony was already a few years old.The thing is your mod worked fine until the event with the big caravan and 15 people going to sleep in bedrolls, while they where loading in the middle of my tight base. I’m pretty sure thats when the invisible unremovable blueprints appeared. And also when the disappearing started. Maybe the blueprints cause the disappearing?Bedrolls disappearing on caravans could be a seperate bug.Do you want the save?Well I hope you can fix it, it was awesome while it worked and should be base game functionality.

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