Easier Growingzones

MOD Desc
Pretty self-explanatory. You get a tool that only designates cells with the soil you selected as a growing zone.

In no time, you’ll be as happy as the gardener.

Rimworld is a Dwarf Fortress-esque game in which you are responsible with maintaining a crew of survivors and making sure they can survive a crash-landing on a ‘Rimworld’. The world is brutal, but with different AI Storytellers the player can experience the game in any which way they want. This game is the perfect entry point for anyone with a mild interest for a colony/base management simulator.

With an active dev and a great community backing it, it is easy to get sucked into this game and grow attached to your colonists. Creating backstories and watching as things burn down all around you is half the fun of this game. There is so much that can be done in this game that it isn’t possible to see everything in a single sitting. This is a game for people who are looking for something with high replayability. I have dumped around 50 hours into the Steam version of this game and about another 200 in the standalone.

TL;DR Play this game if you are looking for something with a challenge and you want a semi-deep colony management sim.

Update: As of Rimworld entering beta, I am still enjoying this game! My review hasn’t changed in the slightest. If you are at all interested in this type of game absolutely buy it! It’s worth it!

This game is fun, intuitive and smart. It follows some basic, simple rules and concepts that allow for near-infinite variation in scenarios and let you fight your own way, coming up with innovative solutions for different issues. This means you can play the game in a myriad of different ways, keeping it interesting and fresh. Tired of fighting waves of attackers? Try the sea ice challenge and survive on your guts alone (and probably those of the enemies who unwittingly attacked you in -150C temperature). Want to just create a miniature empire that is exquisitely ordered and tweaked to perfection? Play in base builder mode and go for it. Want to see what it would be like if everything were just coming at you all the time? Randy Random is your guy. The updates are promising; but the game as is is already quite satisfying, and when you get bored of it there’s always the (thousands of??) mods out there that offer improvements to various facets of the game. The game is obviously not perfect (there are some annoying tricks that will take you ages to figure out; you don’t feel much of a connection to your little survivor buddies; some things such as the animals have to be tweaked to make a bit more sense to invest in) but I would absolutely recommend it.

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