Hide Hats When Not Needed

MOD Desc
A small, cosmetic mod that hides hats and other headgear (e.g., scarfs and sun glasses) when pawns don’t need them

You can specify whether a pawn’s headgear should
– be hidden when they are resting in bed
– be hidden when they are not drafted or openly carrying a weapon
– always have their headgear hidden
– never have their headgear hidden (i.e., the normal game behaviour)

This specification can be configured separately for colonists and non-colonists

There is also an override toggle included that will force environmentally protective headgear to display when it is needed (i.e., EVA helmets can be forced to display when a pawn is exposed to vacuum, while toxin protective headgear can be forced to display when a pawn is outside during a toxic fallout event)

Requires Harmony

– [KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats

Rimworld is one of those games you just love to lose. You struggle. You try to do everything right to keep your little pawns from harm. You bandage every scratch and you make their little home as comfortable as some backwater planet covered in vicious creatures and bandits could possibly be.

Then they die. One by one.

Jim gets his leg mauled off by a ravenous squirrel. You try to save it and put a peg leg on him… and kill him in surgery because his head was removed.

Sarah was perfectly healthy. She was also your only doctor. She now has the plague. Why? Because Randy Random said so.

Slowly the cracks form and your whole colony comes tumbling down into dust all around your feet. And yet? You feel satisfied. You know you get to try again with a new colony full of bright-eye’d survivors that will strive against all hope to try and make it off the Rimworld alive… but you. YOU know every last one of them is going to die.

Few hours in to my first run, I recived a distress call from someone chased by slavers. He offered to join my colony, if I save him from the predicament he got into. I got extremly lucky in this battle, with my archers killing two of the raiders before they could even react, and my melee fighter cuting of leg of the third in one hit. Rest of the slave traders scattered in fear, leaving theire maimed companion behind.
After administering first aid, I decided that he wont survive in the wilds without a leg, so I ordered to instal him a peg leg insted. The decision was tought, I was low on medicine, and besides I had to feed him until he fully recovers. the operation was successful, and after he fully recovered I released him. Unfortunatly he remained to lay on the ground. The game still was in early access so I thought it just a bug. It took me 5 minutes to realize that I acidently ordered the surgery for the wrong leg.
10/10 Best game of this year.

Get ready to micro manage people to the point your fingers bleed. Rimworld is one of the most innovative games in the last decade. The complexity of scheduling, jobs, stress levels, combined with the sheer will to survive makes for a game where you never thought canabalism would be such an easy choice.

Design and research your way to success with an enthralling skill system and interactive story development. You can create your own scenario, or live out a peaceful life on a new planet, even take it as far as to fend off constant attack from raider and alien hordes, the choice is yours.

Rimworld’s artstyle and music score leave you lost for hours building and defending your colony. You can even grow drugs like smokeleaf and what I can only assume is some kind of heroin or space spice, makes the dudes like wicked crazy. The smokeleaf makes them chill. It’s amazing.

9/10. Hands down, best base management game in the last decade.

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