Orbital Animal Traders

MOD Desc
Now you can finally add to your menagerie without gallons of alcohol and cages! Introducing something called BUYING animals, a cool new feature ready for 1.0!

This mod adds 2 new orbital traders, the Animal Trader and the Exotic Animal Trader.

Should be compatible with any trader mod but Phi and GlitterWorld may have issues.

As of November the mod ‘Lets Trade’ has been compatible with this mod.

If you need to contact me about something, please comment on my profile or hop on my discord server. I take less time to responses placed in those locations.

I can best describe Rimworld as a time blackhole because once you start playing it, hours will pass without you noticing or caring as you will always tell yourself that you have one more thing to do before you get off and then something else pops up. The vanilla game is great to play, but you won’t be able to fully experience the game without mods from the community hub. These mods make the game go from fun to addicting. The things you can do in the game are endless, you can create a faction that is humanitarian and makes its money by selling clothing and medicine to other factions, or you can be a merciless, blood thirsty, psychopathic faction that makes all of its money on selling addicting drugs and harvested organs from unlucky raiders that happened to walk into your killbox. And the funny part is that this description can describe a single factions history, from the beginning, where they believed that the rim was full of misunderstood people, to realists that know that the only way to survive in the rim is to be the most ruthless. These changes can be brought up by what AI storyteller you choose. The best out of the three to choose from, however, is Random Randy. His story telling is randomized and you may be sitting back farming some corn and cotton when all of a sudden you are hit with blight in your crops, toxic fallout from a nearby facility, and multiple raids that leave you down to the last man until *poof* your colony is done for.

All and all, this game is highly addicting and fun, and if you would like to learn more about the game be sure to check out the subreddit.

There’s just something really darn addictive about RimWorld.

I originally played it very early on, but I was waiting for a sale to buy it on Steam… while it’s worth the full price for sure, I’m a poor student. Luckily a very kind friend bought it for me and alas my RimWorld journey was once again started. 6 hour sessions feel effortless.

For sure, there is a learning curve. So be prepared for that. There are so many things that can be done with a colony and there are so many stories that develop. You’ll find yourself getting strangely emotionally attached to your pawns and your animals. I’ve gone to great lengths in order to make them as comfortable as possible, and as someone else has said you’ll find that everything that goes wrong is your fault. That’s okay. Better the future shall be.

Although the art style is similar to games such as Prison Architect, it feels like it has much more character.

There are many options for difficulty provided through the different storytellers so you can pick your own pace, if you’d rather build that’s fine, if you’d rather constantly defend yourself from waves of raiders that’s possible too. Then you can save them and recruit them. Or just eat them.

I’ve played 50 hours of vanilla and I’m just delving into the world of mods after completing the research tree and not wanting to leave the RimWorld…

Enough anecdotes. The game just works, you can personalise nearly everything about the experience, it’s great vanilla, it can be modded with a decent modding community and it just hits a spot. Try it!

In Memoriam of Mr. Cluck.
Mr. Cluck was the sole rooster of the small chicken coop, we established a few months after crash landing on the surface of the planet. Luckily some of the natives traded us some fertilized, hatchable eggs, and of the 10 or so birds, he was the only male.
So, Mr. Cluck lived the sweet life – as sweet a life you can live in this hostile environment. And sure, we lost a few chickens to the wildlife, but he was never one to stand down from a fight, no matter the danger.
We were pretty used to Mr. Cluck handling everything himself. He was an independent rooster and always stayed close to the coop. However, one day I noticed that he’d been awfully quiet lately. I only barely noticed him lying in the makeshift bed, because of the tiny, almost inaudible, whistling noise he made every time he took a breath.
Mr. Cluck was not in the best shape. Apparently he’d lost a leg to a stray bullet when raiders attacked earlier this week. Being unable to move he’d suffered severe frostbite from being outside and lost his beak, a foot and his tail. He wasn’t ready to give up the sweet life, and luckily our trained dog Machete had taken pity of him and pulled him into the warmth of a building where one of the other colonists had fed him mashed potatoes and nurtured him back to life.
Also, he was delicious.
Here’s to Mr. Cluck. One bad motherclucker.

TL;DR If you enjoy games like Prison Architect and want a more accessible Dwarf Fortress, this might be the game for you.

Note: I’ve played a non-steam build for many hours before this review.

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