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Equalize temperature of every room Build (lockable) vents to equalize temperature between adjacent rooms. Build massive duct networks of your own and make central heating/cooling system.

Better graphics Vents and ducts can only be built over a wall, rather than acting as one. No longer clutter your fort’s walls with one-cell vents. Small cooler and medium heater, which are also wall mounting, comes with this mod.

More tools Big bases can use industrial scale heaters and coolers for effectively keeping its temperature.

General usage The temperature buildings and the smart outlet have buttons to adjust the target temperature.

The duct intake tries to equalize the temperature between the duct network and the room it’s placed taking heat/cold from the room and pushing it into the net.
The duct outlet and the smart outlet try to equalize them too, but taking the heat/cold from the network to the room. The difference between the normal and the smart outlet is that the smart closes itself automatically to keep a room at the desired temperature, and the normal does not.

The duct cooler cools the network down and expels heat in the room it’s in.

Omniwatch video guide

utildayael detailed guide

Credits -mrCarton, the author of ‘Central Heating’.
-justarandomgeek, the author of ‘Signals, you can’t stop them!’.
-mrofa, who helped me in the pipe’s graphic code.
-1000101 for GitHub contribution.
-Kaballah for his active and passionate feedback.
-Latta, the previous maintainer and author of the mod.
-Morgloz, the current maintainer.

Important If you are installing this on an existing save you have to delete all vents/temperature buildings first. Even then it’s possible that the duct network doesn’t behave correctly.
If upgrading to v44a from previous versions you probably will have to start a new colony.

CCL dependency removed, the mod has lost its Mod Help but it should be compatible with most walls

Current version v44a

Issues Please report any.

Forum link[]

  • I don’t get what i am doign wrong, the duct systems just doesn’t work?The net temperature readout does not even register and even with 4 industrial coolers and 8 intake valves, they can’t seem to cool a medium sized freezer with the duct system. All the ducts are upper, intakes are set to upper and i have normal outlets in the freezer.double checked that the whole line is built but… it’s not getting there? The distance isn’t that huge as well. Maybe 20-30’sh tiles away?Also, in the living quarters built a few wall heaters and some ducts / smart vents w. intakes on a separate system and it didn’t heat the rooms at all, only through the passive transmission through doors. The net temperature there does not show up as well
  • Is there something more than ducts and intakes/outlets I need?The ‘net temperature’ is blank, and has been for a while, even with several intakes, an industrial coolers, and several non-smart outlets.I’ve fixed the upper/lower duct issue too – initially it wasn’t connected right, but switching and then re-connecting fixed it.I thought it was just a visual bug, in that the temperature display wasn’t working, but it turns out none of my other rooms, other than the one I’m using as the ‘base’, are getting heated/cooled.I know the reccomendation is to have one system for hot and one for cool, but I’m just using this as an alternative to a bunch of Active Vents; I just want to even the temperature out better.
  • So I have had great success with duct-based cooling. It’s a bit expensive on steel, but it’s significantly cheaper on power, and I think it is probably cheaper on components too. It’s also just more flexible in terms of base layout, though there are particular base layouts that make the steel costs considerably lower (for example, a rectangular base consisting of two columns of rooms).I have not had much success with duct-based heating. I get a hallway heated to about 30C and then use intakes from there to the rest of my base. But with two intakes and an outlet in each of the heated rooms, I only gain maybe 10C over the outside temperature (which is in the -10C to 0C range). This is despite the fact that the actual temperature in the hallway is not dropping appreciably. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
  • *All outlets and inlets will delete pipes already placed.*You can add extra pipes on top of the outlets and inlets, normally this would be needed to further connect the system to more rooms.It would be better if all outlets and inlets did not make/use their own pipes but instead connected to existing pipes.The smart outlet should be able to connect to both lower and upper pipes at the same time to provide heating and cooling as necessary to keep the room at the right temperature.As of right now, this mod is kind of useless until these issues are fixed. Visually it looks cool, but in terms of use you just waste resources on a system that doesn’t function correctly.
  • There’s a lot of bugs here.*The smart outlet will change the temperature inside the entire pipe system.*With heating the entire pipe system will be +1/-1 celsius, forcing you to use that same smart outlet temperature in all your rooms.*With cooling, the cooling temperature is lost in the entire pipe system and turns into heat instead instantly. No amount of going into negative temperatures will fix this when using a smart outlet with cooling. This makes smart outlets with cooling useless.*Heating also keeps the room temperature stable, even during heat waves in which heating should definitely increase by a lot.*Duct coolers barely work and have very little impact on the cooling pipes. You need like 10+ of them to actually reach the desired temperatures, even combined with the industrial coolers.This entirely defeats the worth of using them vs the standard medium cooler.
  • Am I correct in understanding that the duct system isn’t working currently? Or just the smart vents? Currently I have many, many industrial heaters in the system (tucked away in small, self contained rooms) pumping out heat, with ducts and intake vents through the rooms. However, no matter how high I kick up the target temp on the heaters –currently around 100C — I don’t get the network temp up. Reading below, I can’t quite parse if the issue is smart vents or the system as a whole. Or am I just one of the unlucky ones? (Not a complaint, regardless. I just want to understand).

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