Subtle variations for RimThemes

MOD Desc
A pack of 3 Themes for the great RimThemes by aRandomKiwi & ❄Sylvanor

– Lush green
-Orange bronze

Keeps vanilla lisibility with a small touch of color.

Feedbacks are always appreciated !

Update v2 ✔ Animated main menu background added for the three themes

Update v2.1 : Alternative version added for the green themes ( juste a resize of the main background video )

Here’s a preview of v2’s animated main menu

Nb: background are in 1080p so it could cause some lags depending on your computer, let me know if so I’ll downgrade them to 720p

How to switch from static to animated background

Ok, so i have played this game from that first alpha/beta stage, i am actually not sure what it exactly was. Right from the start, i saw the potential this game had. Becouse of this game, i have an account on patreon. I put my money and my trust in this game, and boy, it delivered.

While still being in alpha, it offers tons of content, i admit, my last full game was around the 12 version i think, i simply dont have time for it now, but its awesome to watch it grow and becoming better and better with every update, not mention the content made from normal ppl.

There is that certain atmosphere when its night and raining outside and you just watch your colonist go to sleep after the day of another hard work. When you plan the working schedules etc. and then you see it work, when you colony grows to be bigger and bigger and then it will get stomped by crazy AI.

When you take a prisoner in to the colony who has a brain damage (i think she had literally bullet in her brain) and i in that version of the game, i could not fix it. So i had to replace all of her limbs by high-tech prosthesis and she could atlest clean the base from dirt and stuff. Its a generator of great stories, that i can tell you.

Of course, its not for everyone, so better check it on youtube etc. and make your own opinion.

And now its on Steam!!! Hell yea!

Attempt No. 61. Difficulty: Extreme. Permadeath: On

My tribe’s waiting for that damn corn to fully grow. I planted a 50×50 area and it’s now on 60 something percent. Three days more and they may actually save themselves.

I don’t know for how long will the Strange Beasts (Lovecraft MOD) be entertained by those Iguanas and Megascarabs. Oh no! Here one comes, I can see its hunting Tommy, the guy I have recovering of two gunshots because of the last pirate raid. There is a hole in the shack, the beast is going in for the kill.

Two of my other colonists have repeating rifles and shoot the monster over and over while it tears up Tommy apart. I lost the count of shots. They were perhaps a dozen. Then its silent. Tommy has been beated to death, the beast lies death on the floor. One of the shooters lies down as well, moaning for help.

In the meantime a dry flashtorm drops a couple of thunder over my corn fields. Two small fires begin to consume our hope of survival. Several other thunder hit around the settlement providing a dramatic atmosphere for what’s yet to come.

The second beast chages in. Apparently there are no more iguanas in the map. Only one tribeswoman remain. She picks the dead guy repeater rifle. Gets out of the house defying the odds. Shoots twice then gets beaten to death and eaten.


I cannot believe this game is still in development. It feels very complete. It is a MASSIVE TIMESINK. Micromanagement addicts beware this game will grip you tightly and do bad things to you.

This game is really well made. The UI is great and getting better. The AI is pretty well done, the priority system is pretty great as is for automating things and i love it comes with a switchable manul mode to deepen the priority setup.

The difficulty settings are excelent. Want to just focus on construction and reaching space or colonizing and trading? theres a mode for that, and it still allows you to encounter random good and low level bad events, want some raid drama still? just accept a prompt to help nearby refugees running from hostiles. Since the update i feel iv seen a higher number of related characters which has been entertaining. I like that during an established game you can change the difficulty settings when your ready to take on more challenges. I love how customisable this experience is.

This can be for anyone. Really new comer friendly. Entertaining events, character psychology issues and random self driven story. Great resource survival – colony builder and really great combat gameplay, lots of precision, lots of tactics, great controls, pleasant graphic style. Cant wait to see how it improves further, seems already done.

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