Fantasy Metals Reforged

MOD Desc

This mod adds fictional metals each with their unique strengths.
This version attempts to rebalance said resources as well as give it a graphical overhaul.

Changes from the original:

Sprites have been updated from the odd pixel-art to better fit the game.
All stats have been mostly reduced, though their niches have been kept:
Mithril is a strong lightweight metal.
Orichalchum is very heavy but exceeds in blunt damage
Adamantite makes for great sharp-armor.
Scarletite (formerly Tozra) is the king of swords.
Vibranium (formerly Skelsshkrum) succeeds in blunt-armor.
Solorite is mostly decorational.

I intend on making this as balanced as possible while still retaining its ‘best in class’ theme. Feedback is welcome.
Spreadsheet of sexy numbers:

This ‘should’ be compatible with other/old versions of the mod, defnames are kept and only display names and stats have changed, but i cannot guarantee functionality.

Highly addictive colony management sim that is difficult to put down once you get hooked. The term ’emergent gameplay’ gets thrown around a lot these days and most games don’t get it right. RimWorld is an exception as it pretty much excels in this regard. All of your colonists come with a wide variety of traits, skills and personalities which makes for some very interesting and amusing scenarios as the game progresses. This is one of those games where each new game feels different and can lead to various outcomes (and it often includes the violent breakdown of your colony).

There are plenty of different difficulty settings to choose from. You could play it as a relaxing colony builder for example or gradually ramp up the difficulty and make life hell for the colonists. You’ll have to keep your colonists well fed and taken care of by setting up production chains, defend them from extreme weather conditions, fend bandit and animal attacks as well as deal with their interpersonal issues. As a colony builder it offers you a lot of freedom over how you build and expand. It’s extremely satisfying to build a well laid out and well-defended colony. The UI right now isn’t the best but it isn’t bad either. I’m sure it will be improved with further updates but the game is quite playable and fun.

RimWorld is mostly the work of one developer and it’s remarkable in that aspect. It contains depth that’s rarely found in big budget games with teams of hundreds of people. I am constantly blown away by the emergent scenarios it throws at you and none of that is scripted. One moment your colony may be running like a well-oiled machine, the next moment a single wild animal might start a chain of events that ultimately lead to it’s complete breakdown. These failures never feel frustrating and you can always go back to a previous save (unless you’re playing on permadeath).

The graphics are simple and might not look appealing at first but the game has a certain charm of it’s own. You’ll begin to appreciate the little details and effects on various actions and items. I personally feel like it’s a great looking game and the visuals do grow on you. There’s a lot to do in this game and it’s impossible to cover all aspects in a few words. For example I haven’t even touched upon the deep crafting, farming and work assignment mechanics.

Bottomline is – if you like management / sim games and love building stuff it doesn’t get better than this. This is probably the best Early Access game I’ve bought and is definitely a case in favor of the medium.

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