[KV] Impassable Map Maker

MOD Desc
Allows settlements on Impassable tiles.

Can either start a new game on an Impassable tile or with a current game travel (via caravan or drop ship) to an impassable tile.

Impassable maps will have one open area somewhere in the mountain (it will be hidden initially). This is intended to add something a little different.

There are also ruins and ancient dangers buried deep within the impassable mountains.

World pathing will still avoid Impassable tiles but telling a caravan to travel to an Impassable tile will force them to go there. It takes a long time to get to an impassable tile by foot.

World Map Movement Difficulty – How long it takes to cross an impassable tile on the world map
Mountain Shape – Whether the impassable mountain is Square or Round
Outer Radius (Round only) – The radius of the impassable mountain
Scattered Rocks – Whether there are rocks scattered around the perimeter of the impassable mountain
Has Middle Area – Whether there is an open area in the middle of the impassable mountain
Middle Area Shape (Middle Area only) – The shape of the open area in the middle of the impassable mountain
Open-Area Width/Height or Radius – The size of the open area in the middle of the impassable mountain
Open-Area Max Offset From Middle (Middle Area only) – The possible max distance from the center that the center of the open-area can be at map generation
Middle Area Wall Smoothness (Middle Area only) – Whether the walls of the middle area are smooth or rough
Edge Buffer – In the case that the impassable map’s outer walls go past the map’s edge, should there be a buffer along the edge of the map to allow passage around the impassable map.
NOTE: There will always be a small opening on the four corners of the map
Include Quarry – Specifically for Quarry mod
True Random – Every time an impassable map is generated it will be unique. This is unlike base-game behaviour in which the map will be the same if the same world-name and location are used.

Ludeon Studios: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=31379.0

GitHub: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-impassablemapmaker/

Direct Download:

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  • KV- I appreciate the new settings, to up the edge buffer higher. Leads to some cool ‘Lonely Mountain’ style maps. Something to note (and I don’t know if it’s intentional or not) is that if playing with a large edge buffer the outer terrain is entirely one type (In the case of rainforest, it’s all stony soil) which both looks odd and spoils the natural cover of the map.Another thing to note- With a 25% random offset of the center area, when using Map Reroll to regenerate the map, the center area never changes location. Not a huge deal, just weird that it’s apparently not as random as implied.
  • You can land via luck in the center? I used the map reroller and gave is a good dozen tries, landed on the edge each time. I don’t mind that, but I wanted to start in the center because it sounded a bit fun. Both ways works fine I suppose. I guess I’ll just keep rerolling to see if I can. I don’t really want to increase the edge map tiles (More mountain = better), but if I don’t, I have barely any room to live without some serious mining, and that takes a while.Its pretty cool though. I’d love to see something similar with more ancient shrine spawns for the shenanigans.
  • Update:Changed the settings to allow an Edge Buffer of 0. This will make the map truely impassable.The game may not like this and will probably through some errors along the wayFor square impassable maps there is an opening in each corner that’s about 6×6 cells. All the wild animals will be sharing that space with you so be prepared to fight for your food and space… I’m honestly not sure if it’s possible to survive this start.For round impassable maps each corner is open and the radius of the mountain is big enough to cut off the other corners of the map.
  • Doesn’t work for me. I get no red errors but my mod list is pretty bloated at 260 mods.only things really changing map generation is ‘grand rivers reborn’ and your own configurable maps, only thing after that other than random mods i could guess to be incompatible is ‘go explore’ this probably was not much help but there is some kind of incompatibility out there as 79570146 said he is having trouble as well and probably others toohere my fat and messy mod list that i don’t want mess with anymore if its any help https://pastebin.com/aJC6uaM4
  • Update:-Added a setting ‘True Random’ which will cause the map to be random every time even if the world’s name + selected tile is the same-Increased the Min/Max for the inner open area’s sizes for both square and circle. Realize if the inner area is larger than the mountain itself, there will be no mountain-Fixed an issue where some settings could be cut off at the bottom (now the settings page will scroll to nothing under the options, this is just to make sure nothing gets cut offUpdated the Settings descriptions in this mod’s description

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