Money Trees

MOD Desc
Who said that money doesn’t grow on trees?!

This mod is for the most part a joke and not to be taken too seriously. However, I am willing to take suggestions if there are any. Also, this my first RimWorld mod!

– This mod will not break an already existing save.
– This mod introduces a new tree crop called the ‘Money Tree.’
– To be able to plant the tree, you must research the Tree Sowing and Money Tree research topics.
– The tree must be planted by a colonist with a plant skill of at least 10.
– The trees take 20 days to grow to full maturity and yield 25 silver per tree.

A really great game! I recommend it to everyone! I’ve binge-played this game so many times, on and off in the last years. I’ve played so many different scenarios, like medieval, crazy scientist, cannibals, concur-the-world, explorers, start-with-nothing, start-with-everything and just kill everyone…. And I still feel like there’s so much of the game left to explore. You can focus on the battles or the building, have an alone pawn or a colony of 20 people. The way you can choose and build your own scenario, choose world, choose biomes, starting conditions, difficulty and so on is very versatile.
The mod community is also amazing. The only small thing I would change and love is if some of the most popular mods where implemented in the game.

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