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Adds Omnigel into the game. Allows you to grow a new resource and refine it into resources such as stone or metal.


The following are the resources that are available from the various levels of the replicator.

10 OmniGel + 10 Chemfuel -> 1 ChunkSlag
10 OmniGel + 10 Chemfuel -> 1 ChunkRock

40 OmniGel + 40 Chemfuel -> 40 Steel
40 OmniGel + 40 Chemfuel -> 40 Silver
40 OmniGel + 40 Chemfuel -> 20 Neutroamine
40 OmniGel + 40 Chemfuel -> 10 Gold

40 OmniGel + 40 Chemfuel -> 15 Uranium
40 OmniGel + 40 Chemfuel + 20 Steel -> 20 Plasteel
40 OmniGel + 40 Chemfuel + 4 Medicine -> 1 GlitterworldMedicine
40 OmniGel + 40 Chemfuel + 20 Devilstrand -> 20 Hyperweave

You’re rim for an amazing time If you’re waiting for a sale, just buy it now at full price*

What can I say about Rimworld that hasn’t been written here already? It’s an absolutely sensational game. The fact that I have plugged a number of hours into it already (having only had it for a week or two) speaks volumes to the sheer quality of Rimworld.
On the face of it, you expect a well-made colony sim, in a similar art style to games such as Prison Architect. This is not to speak poorly of either game, as the style suits this genre very well. However, once diving into your first colony, the game opens up, with so many new possibilities emerging – not just through events organised, but also simply through finding new parts of the menu. Finally putting a prosthetic arm onto my marksman, for example, led me to the option to harvest the organs of my colonists – something which I haven’t got to (just yet).

At first I felt a little overwhelmed by just how everything worked, but this was quickly sorted out by the tutorial, which guides the player through the UI and the basics of the game clearly and succinctly. Whilst the game may feel difficult at times, with the game having the potential to set up a mean challenge at times even on the normal difficulty, the game never feels unfair. Part of this is due to how well set-up your story is in the game. Rimworld does have a brief backstory which you can find in the pause menu, however beyond that the game’s Storyteller AI, the randomly generated backstories of your characters, as well as the way you play the game out and imagine it set up the ultimate story of your colony.

Unlike in Fallout 76 many other games which use a player-written story, the method in Rimworld works perfectly. Want to set up a safe haven that rescues prisoners of local pirates? You can. Want to rebuild a nomadic tribe and become technological masters? You can. Want to create an organ farm and sell off the organs of anyone who tries to raid your body-selling trade hub ( This playthrough idea is more appealing by the minute )? You can!

What more can I say? The modding community is vibrant (I haven’t downloaded any but have had a browse), the OST is very well-made, and the game is well-updated. My colony is starting to expand, but I still know there is a whole lot more time for me to put into this game. Even when I’m finally done with as many colony ideas as I can think of, there are new starting modes in the game, and new Storyteller AIs to change the way the game plays out.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some organs to harvest I have some pirates to take prisoner.

*There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the developer has said they will not look to lower the price of Rimworld. Secondly (and more importantly), the game is absolutely worth the asking price – and then some!

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