[Obsolete]Combat Extended (Read description)

MOD Desc
Probably no longer to be updated.

Original mod by NoImageAvailable here

I’m not the original developer of this mod.

There can be several problems of Balancing, Code.

I updated most of the sources and i think it is stable enough to be playable.

I haven’t updated Patches of various mods including epoe, a dog said, etc.
So patches might not working.

Source code available in here[github.com] in Development branch.

When original developer updates the mod, Please use that.
I’ll obsolete this mod when it is updated.

– This version of CE may not save-compatible with future releases of original CE mod.
– This mod diverges from original CE.
This mod uses slightly different field names in xml compare to original CE

Version: 1.0.2059

Extends combat mechanics to make them deeper and more tactical.

While its true CE breaks a lot of mods… there are still a lot of mods you CAN play with. Arrows and CE work just fine. If arrows don’t work then it is 100% a mod error on your end. Most likely from a weapons mod or something more of a core mod like ‘medieval times’. In order for CE to work properly please disable all of your weapon and race mods. also big mods like medevial times probably cause issues because I think they add weapons. Any mod that adds a weapon to your game, (melee or gun doesnt matter) must be removed. No added weapons. Also, no race mods at all. These will definitely break this CE version. Most medical mods will also break it with a few exceptions such as prisoner harvesting, ugh you got me, death rattle, nerfed parasites, less arbitary surgery. these i can confirm work. mods that add plants and drugs are okay too. specifically it seems to be certain surgery and prosthetic mods that cause problems. most of the important popular mods work great

Combat Extended is awesome. At first, I had my doubts. I thought combat in Rimworld was nice and decent enough. And then… AMMOSIn vanilla Rimworld, take the shotgun. To simulate its low ammo capacity and balance it, you have a 4 seconds delay after firing. It goes without saying many things can happen during this time.In CE, you have ammos. It means a shotgun have very few ammos. But it is up to you to decide when you reload your gun! So you don’t have to wait like a sitting duck 4 seconds. No, you can unload your shotgun, and then move away, or take another weapon!More generally, CE uses ammos. And it just make so much more sense. You just can’t fire all day long. Sometime, not firing will make sense, because you wan’t to spare your ammos. Etc.

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