[1.2] Cerberus Equipment

MOD Desc

This mod is now 1.2 compatible. While I’m working on getting the Kodiak flying again, I’ve added the M-22 Eviscerator and the M-100 Grenade Launcher! The Eviscerator is a AP shotgun suited for late game high armour encounters and fighting mechs. The M-100 is a rapid fire grenade launcher, launching vanilla strength grenades with reduced explosion radius at incredible range! Enjoy!

I’ve also (finally) started using AE Illustrator properly so the art might start to look a little different from here on out. 🙂

If you’re having problems with the machining ‘bills’ button disappearing after updating this mod, simply delete and build a new machining table.


Update 1.1

Until I find out how the DLLs work with the new eddition, the shuttle is out of order in 1.1. It’s still there if you are playing on 1.0. 🙂


This is a long time pet project of mine that I finally cobbled together for the workshop. One of the cool things about Rimworld is that it can be Mass Effect if you try hard enough, so I try.

This pack contains equipment by (and borrowed by) Cerberus.

– Kodiak drop shuttle (only in 1.0)
– Cerberus Assault Armor
– Weapons:
# N7 Typhoon
# Cerberus Harrier
# M12 Locust

Cerberus assault armor is designed for shock troops, who are expected to turn the tide of battle against creatures or forces that would decimate normal soldiers.

The main weapon of the organization is the Cerberus-modified M-96 Mattock rifles or ‘the Harrier’ which are fully automatic. The organization also borrow the N7 Typhoon which is a distinctive light machine gun and the Model 12 Locust; a compact submachine gun developed for the Alliance but now favored by gang enforcers and hitmen.

The UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle is a personnel carrier capable of planetary flight and is capable of limited FTL travel. The shuttle is used extensively by (but not limited to) the Systems Alliance and Cerberus in 2186.

Load up on pawns and items like a pod, but instead of crashing this shuttle is reusable! Travel great distances, drop behind enemy lines or lead outright assaults on enemy bases, the Kodiak is where the action is!

To be used allongside RimEffect – Weapons and Armor – https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2107473128


Credits and disclaimer!

The textures for the armor was made by Helixien and Carnov in the original RimEffect mod and just altered to look more Cerberus.

I based the shuttle upon ‘Cargo Pod Transport’ by AKreedz, thanks!

To be used with JJ fixes RimEffect – Weapons and Armor fleshing out the arsenal further. (although I wish you renamed your harrier to M-96 Mattock as that’s the semi-automatic version while the Cerberus harrier is fully automatic like I made mine.) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1590397542&searchtext=rimeffect

Legal & Permission:
The contents of this mod is the intellectual property of EA and Bioware. This is simply a fan-made mod 🙂



In 1.2:
– This mod is not CE compatible

In 1.0 and 1.1:
– Does not work with mods based upon the helicopter.dll including:
# Cargo Pod Transport
# original SRTS (but IS compatible with SRTS Expanded)

What I love about early access is that such people are doing it!
Such as Factorio will fulfill all your OCDs, this game will make you embrace them. A survival game with a twist of psychology. Not only will your colonists learn how to cope with loss, you too will have to learn that in survival games some will die, even many, and perhaps all. And after tens of hours of playing it, only the graves of those that passed will be your reminder of your early days.

You will truly understand the meaning of being an innocent summer child when that long heavy winter comes. Oh and it will come! all over your face! and every darn year! What will you do in that winter? Well I ate one of my human prisoners in the first winter; cooked of course because I am no savage, and killed one of my pets (the exploding ones!) leaving one of my colonists deeply saddened because she dared have emotions and bonded with that fuel producing crops eating animal.

Do not despair, however, for you will have company every now and then. Some will be friendly traders who will sell high and buy low, walking in on you in your sleep, preventing you from killing yourself only for a little while longer. But these are not the only visitors you will get. Raiders will come too, and they will raid you hard all night. But again, do not despair, for out of this disaster that will leave scars, like literal scars, on your colonists’ faces, you will still harvest something out of it. An organ or two if you’re a good doctor, and some psychological scars if you do that.

But there is always love, and love rules them all. Well unless one of the colonists dies right after the wedding pushing the husband into years of depression that almost crippled him and rendered him almost useless where I considered ending his misery, and to be honest, mine, once and for all. But don’t worry, he moved on, and met another colonist, who then crushed his heart and refused his marriage proposal. Now I have learned my lesson and I am having him smoke weed only, because it is cheaper. what’s that now? Weed is addictive? can’t be worse than depression now, can it?

Are you still here with me? that means you will love this game as I do! Truly one of the best survival games ever! like totally! like literally. (I might be a teenage girl from California, okeeeeeh? we teenage girls from California enjoy survival games too, you know! like totally!)

My favourite activity to do in this game is to mine into a mountain near, or in my base. Create a very small wing in the farthest area, and put colonists that have drug addictions in there, one at a time. Of course, I give them a handfull of rations, a hydroponics tray, lights, bed, TV, and sculpting desk. Steel included, and furnish the pad. Claiming the bed as their own, I lock them behind five doors. I check on them every once in awhile, to see how they’re doing. Slowly they drive themselves mad, screaming and banging on the door to be let out just to get one more hit of yayo, wakemeup, flake, or booze. By the end, they’ve changed. Like lobotomized patients, they leave once clean. Their hell’s over. But everytime they look at the drug, they run the risk of going back in this ‘decontamination’ room I made. A person named ‘Ceti’ is a prime example. My place has wakemeup all over it, and, unfortunately, my favourite cultist, Levi. Is a hardcore addict of it. He NEEDS this stuff to do his godly work of research, construction, and gun-fu. But Ceti here has a chemical fascination. Every ing night he’d go berserk because he couldn’t get more Yayo, so he relied on taking Levi’s wakemeup. This proved a terrible move, as every night I’d see him wasting all of my ing drugs on overdosing himself, while levi had a strict schedule. Ceti didn’t follow his. The poor . He got locked up in my decon room. He loved it at first, a great isolated place to himself. But he quickly learned, the hydroponics tray wasn’t for drugs. Oh, no. It was for cotton, for him to be a valuable member of the colony and to help grow some clothing fibres. He started to binge out on food to cope with his crippling addiction to drugs. This proved a terrible move, as he slowly fattened himself up, and then slowly starved himself as a result. The crippling pain was intense, as his only things to do were sleep, watch TV, or make grand sculptures from steel. But, he made it. Malnourished to nearly fatal levels. His drug addiction got cleared. Just as he hit the floor with his bones showing. The bastard lived, but the next day.. He got angry because ‘Oh, why is levi’s room better than mine!’ and the first thing he does..? Get back on wakemeup.

Poor bastard won’t make it out this time. Freeloaders get the Decon room. Get those nasty lazy thoughts out, fill them with productive, happy thoughts. Lazy trash.

Goodbye you sick son of a .

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