Level This!

MOD Desc
Level This! introduces staggering new gameplay by introducing a Health levelling system, start as a Level 0 Colonist and work your way up to the doomsday launcher absorbing Level 100 Pirate Boss!

Joking aside, this mod allows pawns to level up their health depending on their damage taken. The damage requirement and the health gains for each level are compounding by different rates to guarantee a certain balance.

Now introducing further settings! Including:

– Base damage required to level up
– The maximum random level new pawns can be generated
– Whether the health and/or the level requirements are compounding or linear
– The amount of health gained per level

Also refined the following parts of this mod:

– Removed the body size matters less setting as it’s no longer needed (no more Level 70 Squirrels!)

Please please please thank Ziehn#6439 for the amazing preview art!


After setting my levelling rate to 0.1%, my colony on Cassandra Medium wasn’t doing all too shabby until one prisoner tried to break out. At first, I just wanted to subdue him via melee because I needed the prisoner alive as he had decent skills, so I just let one of my colonists do that and maybe get a level in the process.Instead what happened was the most devastating and embarrassing defeat one of my colonies ever suffered. I had 7 colonists, 2 in melee, 5 with guns, going ham on this prisoner.By the time I checked the prisoner’s health, he had beaten up 5 colonists sent to detain him, and he was lvl 76 within just a few ingame hours of fighting, with tens of thousands of health in each body part, completely invincible to anything and everything I threw at him.My colony ended right there on the spot. To one prisoner.My god you made a good mod, mate.

Let me start by saying, this mod is awesome.It does what I’ve wanted from a mod for a long time, and having come back to Rimworld for 1.1 and finding this has been neat! Would highly recommend if this is what someone was looking for, I’ve not seen any bugs.I have a personal gripe, though, and that it seems that the ‘Ferian’ mod doesn’t like this one in terms of compatability. ( As it seems to be typical of that mod. ) I know it’s not an issue on this mod’s end, as I have a few other alien species mods installed, and they all seem to cooperate with this mod quite well. ( I have not found any bugs, that I’m aware. )Since I’m not a modder, or software dev. etc, I have no idea if I could patch this, but even that would be cool. I’m also not sure on bringing this up on their end either, since I recall them not being responsive to comments on occasion.Anyways, I love this mod, and will continue to use/ recommend it! <3

Have to admit, early manhunts consisting of bunnies, squirrels and rats have never rattled much, now after seeing my colonist get his arse kicked by a small innocent-looking bunny, I’m deathly terrified, it pleases my masochistic self.On a more serious note, this mod for how tiny it is really changes the way you have to approach the game in a massive way, now it really feels that anything and everything can kill you early on and makes it insanely satisfying to have late-game terminators who can facetank a doom rocket and keep walking towards whoever fired it in a slow horror killer-esque fashion. 9.5/10, it would be 10* if it were customizable, but I have no idea how possible to integrate that is, it is regardless an amazing idea I didn’t know I wanted/needed.

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