Mechanoid Power Source

MOD Desc
Another self-sufficient supply for the energy hungry:

The Mechanoid Power Source
Adds a third option to the game with a nasty ship part falling from the skies, which has a 33% chance to go off on shipwreck incidents. Adds an unique drop to the crashed ship part: The Mechanoid Power Cell, which allows the construction of a passive power generating structure. Requires a research (Mechanoid power source) to implement the cell into a Power Generator.


– 300 Steel
– 200 Plasteel
– Mechanoid Power Cell
(Obtained through crashed ship parts on an incident)


– Produces 5000W
– Glow effect on power
– Can break down
– Produces intense heat
– High market value (2k)
– Needs Security & Protection
– Instable on gunfire and explosions (250 HP)

Prerequisites are Microelectronics, Hightech Laboratory and Multi Analyzer.
(Advanced colonies only)

Supported Mods
(Even) More Crashed Ship Parts (New loot + Mechanoid Power Cell, when loaded before)

Get your Turret addon with Mechanoid Master Blaster (load this after)

– Made for eternity
– Unlimited Power
– Vanilla oriented
– Can be added to a savegame
– Can be removed, but its not recommend 🙂
– English/German Translations available
– Will automatically balance to your actual game state/progress
– Works flowless on my dozens of tests
Configurable under Options

You ever wanted to be happy about a space ship crashing in your garden yard?

This is it.

Based on a mod of RimWorld Alpha 0.14 (17. Juli 2016)
Idea & Textures * by Skullywag
Revision & Enhancements * by Trunken
Settings Menu * by Kikohi
General Guidance * Ataman
Sensei C# * Atlas


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Played on Cassandra Classic :
– Start a nice colony in the middle of mountains
– Colony digging mountain found ancient wall
– Ignore warning, continue digging and deconstruct ancient wall
– A Scyther and A Blaster Wielding Centipede appeared
– Colony devastated

Played on Free Build difficulty :
– Build a self sufficient farming tribe
– Found out about dev mode
– Spawn 25 fertilized chicken eggs
– 25 chick hatched and start taming process
– Chick #15 didn’t want to be tamed and start rebellion with 10 other chick near food stockpile
– Start to panic and forgot to switch colony not to run away
– Colony devastated

Rimworld is a game about building colony that consist of random human being. You could get a nudist pyromaniac, an educated person that can’t do manual labor or a mere lazy drunkard. Their AI system designed to make a good story about colony and human interaction. Every scenario is possible starting from pirate raids, crazed animals, and blaster wielding centipede. Combine with workshop items and scenario for unlimited possibility.

Definitely must buy

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