More Hydroponics [Deprecated, Check desc]

MOD Desc
A simple mod that adds 1×3, 1×2 and 1×1 hydroponic basins for those times that 1×4 just wont fit or look right. Uses the default style but with cropped and fixed textures so it all looks vanilla. resources, values and power are scaled to that of the size (eg. 1×2 is 2/4ths the cost of 1×4)

For 1.0 / 1.1 +

this is a really terrific game. my only complaint really is that the interface can be clunky to work with and it’s missing some QoL features, but the modding community has basically filled any gap left behind by the developers. modding is simple and anyone who can read html can make basic mods for this game. it has the feel of an indie game and the devs have definitely made an effort to make this game a positive experience. graphics are simple yet endearing, but the gameplay is pretty complex.

there is definitely a learning curve and it will take a while to figure out the basics. it’s hard to mod at first because you won’t see the significance of most of the mods. but if you give the game a couple playthroughs you’ll start to get how vastly customizable it is and how unique every experience can be. they do a great job of getting you attached to the little dudes in the game so you actually care when someone has a mental break or gets sad or gets shot in the liver and dies.

a+++ would buy

Currently I will give this game [Skyrim: Drawf Fortress edition] in term of modding community.
The base game is very polish and mostly bug free (it’s been in develop since 2012).

Did I mention there’s Tiberium mod that feel like sequal to Tiberium Sun?

In term of modding support, this game has one of the best ingame modding assist I ever see. The game is also highly tolerated of mod conflict and bug. If your mod conflict it will generate debug report for you to see and fix it yourself. Even when the mod cause bug during gameplay, the game can [throw exception] and keep running without crashing.

Did I mention there’s Cthulhu mod that let you run your own cult village and sacrifice prisoner to please the old one?

I has around 80+ mod install (with 10 is like big add-on or overhual) and they work together like a charm. This is the first game that I install this much mod and never encounter crash.

Did I already mention there’s concentration camp mod too?

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