No Job Authors

MOD Desc
Uploaded to the workshop with permission from the Original Author!
If a pawn is machining/fabricating and gives up halfway through to go perform some other task, you are left with an ‘Unfinished Thing’ that is linked to that author. This mod seeks to remove that link, allowing any pawn to finish the job that was started by another.

It should be compatible with any mod that generates unfinished things (eg. Core Drill, etc).

Original Author: Doug

Updated and uploaded for 1.0 to Steam by sassykoala

  • Do you know if you’ll be updating this mod? I really like it and am hoping you will. I’d totally offer to help you but unfortunately I know nothing about mods or how to make them. I wish I did and could help update all the mods I have that are still not up to 1.2. Anyway I appreciate your mod and would really love to see it updated. Thank you for making it for us!
  • I do see some logging that says ‘GetCreator Unfinished’. And I have a ton of yellow messages that say something about Unknown Thing_HumanXXXX but who knows if that’s from your mod or the Harmony/HugsLib snafu. All I know is that I just had a pile of semi-automatic rifles finished by 3 different people and that’s so awesome rather than seeing 15 unfinished projects lying around.
  • same issuewhen the unfinished item is inaccessible, being hauled or forbidden in some way – crafters will start making a new one instead – this behavior is different in vanilla since the workbench knows someone was working on the item, the job is skipped/ignored until the unfinished item becomes accessible. Could this be fixed, just assigning the workbench task to everyone?AFAIK, this only happens in vanilla when 2+ crafters are working on the last of the same batch of items, one finishes the job and the other will leave it unfinished.
  • Quoting WiskeyJack from 2nd page of comments, because he’s correct. ‘The roll for quality definitely happens upon completion. If you want to test it, get a construction person with an inspiration, build a bed to very little work left with anyone else, then have the inspired person finish the construction. You will always get the 2 level bump. ‘
  • It will respect the level requirement, anyone who meets the level requirement will work on the item. The sole purpose of this mod is to remove the ‘Author’ and that is it, Everything else functions like the game normally would. It can be added to an existing save, and removed at any time as long as you make sure there are no ‘unfinished’ things laying around.

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