Kijin Item Removal Patch

MOD Desc
This mod removes All Kijin items from game.
Everything else stays the same(Factions, Race stats, Buildings, Apparel looks, etc)

This mod is for those of who want to play Kijin more Vanilla-like.

This is one of those career-wrecking games you should only buy if you have decent discipline and self-control and if you can make yourself go to bed each night. I will say RimWorld still needs polish and content but it’s amazing how playable and detailed it already is at Alpha 16 and I have faith in the developer. It all comes together so well I don’t think I could sum it up properly even if I wrote a lengthy review. Steep learning curve and lots of opportunities to mess up but I think that’s just how you’re supposed to experience it.

To get a feel for RimWorld, just imagine if in the original Alien Ripley had rolled something like ‘incapable of scary, violent, hauling’ and then went off to play horseshoes while everyone else got killed.

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