Realistic Moods and Needs

MOD Desc

Tired of your colonists being such little ♥♥♥♥♥es? Well then this is the mod for you!

Who am I to say, but if I survived a crash landed on a planet my mentality would not be to view art, and and have a mental breakdown if I didnt find any, I would be focused on surviving, and that’s what this mod aims to do!

At a glance
-Many mental breaks are now changed in order to be more realistic (ex. Bezerk now requires the trait Psychopath in order to even occur)
-Many of the mood priority chains are now lower, meaning your colonists will worry less about them.
-The length of most breakdowns are either increased or decreased based on logic.
-Many new descriptions for these breakdowns.

In Detail
Minimum mental state recovery days reduced
Bezerk – Required Trait Psychopath needed, time decreased
Fire Starting spree reduced
Alcohol binge time reduced
Psychotic wandering time reduced and minimum vaules edited. Description also changed.
Food Binge time reduced and minimum vaules edited. Description also changed.
All low intensity wander min values changed and time decreased.

Joy, Beauty, Mood, Space and comforty level Rise per hour values adjusted, as well as priority for mood. (This will make it so that our colonists are less focused on art and other pointless ♥♥♥♥.)

Ahh… just what I needed, no longer will I have a situation along the lines of: ‘OH GOD, WHY IS THERE SO MUCH DIRT IN NATURE!? EVERYTHING IS SO DIRTY! GET OVER HERE SAMANTHA, I’MMA END YOU!’ or maybe: ‘Ooh, nighttime! I love nighttime (seeing as how I’m a night-owl). Oh wait, you’re telling me it’s DARK at night? Well sh*t! I never asked for darkness! This is really F%$#ING IRRITATING! ARGH!!!! I FEEL LIKE BEATING ALL OF MY FREINDS SENSELESS FOR NO D REASON!!!

Hmm… The Mood Adjustments mod seems to change different files from this one. So, maybe?BTW: I examined AnExiledGod’s update and ‘ MentalStates_Mood.xml ‘ seems to have a bug. The description says, ‘Food Binge time reduced…’ However, in ‘ MentalStates_Mood.xml ‘, the BingingFood section has set to 200000 (200 k). Comparing that to the vanilla setting of 40000 (40 k) indicates that this mod increases food binges to last 5 times longer than normal. I think someone typed in an extra zero by mistake…

Thnaks for this mod, the game is fantastic, but the mood-system is just irritating (it doesn’t make the game ”hard”. just irritating. You are playing for 10 hours, 1 colonist is going beserk, because the dog died and there was a flare, so it”s so dark. She killed 4 other colonists.. it doesn’t make sense.More details about what is changed should be great, i was also thinking about making a mod for this problem, but now we can think about new changes.

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