Frontline [B 19] – Trenches

MOD Desc
/////Version 1.0: \\

My new Mod-pack, focussing on the defense of your colony is out now: FRONTLINE! Of course, all of them can be used as a stand-alone (with one exception: FRONTLINE – Additional Guns needs at least FRONTLINE – Trenches or FRONTLINE – Bunkers)

This portion is the known trenches mod, including:

-Two types of trenches. (provides 80 % cover. Very vulnerable to explosions)
– A ladder for leaving your trench faster. (provides 60 % cover)
– A ‘Step’, so your people can ‘reach’ nearby machine guns. (not needed, just for optics. Build your machinegun with the interaction-cell FIRST! – provides 60 % cover)
– A new type of sandbags (only need cloth for construction instead of steel, but only provides 50 % cover)
– Razorwire for defence (deals no dmg but slows down your enemy)
– Floorings: Trench Tiles, Trench Dirt and ‘No man’s land’ (slows down people by 28 %)

– 3 new machine guns ( MG 08/15, MG 34, MG 42), with or without sandbags.
– A mid range mortar (needs ammo). Fires rapidly, but has a small detonation radius.
– A Howitzer (needs ammo). Deals more damage and can reach every point.
– An Anti-Tank gun (PAK, needs ammo). Deals immense damage (No detonation! It’s just AP-Ammunition), but takes long to aim and reload. Added in to have a powerful defence against Centipede.
– A ‘Scherenfernrohr’ – special optics to improve the accuracy of your Howitzer and AT-Gun.

New and updated sounds (explosions, incoming missles, mg-fire), mostly extracted from actual wartime recordings.
This mod should be safe for existing save-files.


<======== FRONTLINE – Additional Guns for Trenches [B 19] ========>

<======== FRONTLINE – Trenches and fortifications without guns [B 19] ========>

<======== FRONTLINE – Bunkers [B 19] ========>

<======== FRONTLINE – Additional Guns for Bunkers [B 19] ========>

New Frontline-Portions will come out within the next few day. Stay tuned!

If you enjoy my work, please consider buying me a coffee/beer.


Sorry for the late responses, don’t have muich spare time atm. I am still working on my newest mod, but it’s very time consuming. Anyways, after release I will check all concernes and will balance/fix trenches and add ammo to it.Personally I don’t like that at all, but I will fix it, because people keep on asking me. In the next Update.Will check the code and fix it in the next update. No sorry, this is technically not possible.

Im absolutely loving this mod so far, I have my own personal verdun! however I cannot help but feel that the Pak Gun needs an accuracy buff, Every shot fired with it so far has missed the target, which has ranged from a Single inferno cannon aout to fire next to the trench, to a conga line of centipedes slowly walking next to a psychic ship (at around 30 tiles range) So ive gone through half a stack of AP shells with no hits.

Trench Tile is just the floor covering and won’t provide any cover. It’s more a cosmetic/speed thing like any other floor you can build. In order to get the real thing, the trenches, you will have to DO RESEARCH, and then you will get trenches/sandbags etc. And Remember: Stay BEHIND the Trenches to get the Cover-Bonus. Well, I personally think vanilla ammo for mortar is way to cheap and gamebreaking, so my guns make you pay for every use. The small mortar can be deadly for close enemys standing in positions, because it fires fast and has no missing radius (the vanilla mortar is forced to miss the target by 1). The PAK can take down every enemy by one hit (and i will improve accuracy with next patch), the howitzer shells fly twice as fast as vanilla mortar shells (important for moving targets) and has no miss radius / plus 1.5 time dmg. It depens on your own gaming style, i made it for me in the first place. I can’t satisfy everybody.

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