Persona Bond Forge

MOD Desc
Persona Bond Forge, adds a new workbench equipped with advanced tools for bonding and fusing weapons with persona cores in order to create your own Persona Weapons.

Quick how to create Persona weapons with this mod:
1) Research Persona Bounding tech, locked AI persuasion. Require ALOT of research , it base cost is 14000.
2) Build Persona Bond Forge – Cost: 100 Uranium, 150 Plasteel , 40 Components, 20 Advanced Components. Require a construction skill level of 15 to build.
3) Craft Bonding Core, at Fabrication Bench. Cost: AI Persona Core, 10 Luciferium. Require a crafting skill level of 15 to craft.
4) Pick a weapon, and bond it with Persona Core at the Forge. Cost: Any allowed weapon, and Bonding Core. Require a intellectual skill level of 15.
Persona Weapons are intelligent weapons that can synchronize with the wielder , greatly increasing it performance, accuracy, damage and firing speed. This process of crafting those is far from cheap and easy, but will grant bonded weapons a frightening power.

Not all weapons can be bound, and this mod is not intended to be stand alone. Currently this mod support:
Vanilla: Zeushammer, Monosword, Plasmasword, Charged Rifle, Charged Lance.
Exotic Arsenal: All weapons.
Cybernetic Warfare: All Spacer and Ultra-Tech tier weapons.
Vanilla Weapons Expanded: All charged weapons.
Vanilla Weapons Expanded – Lasers: All weapons, minus salvaged lasers.
Vanilla Factions Expanded – Insectoids: All plasma weapons.
Project Itzal – Main Pack: Ascended Rifle and Pistol.
Rimsenal Core: All weapons minus Greydale.
Contractor Arsenal: All weapons.
Rimlasers: All weapons.

Patches in progress for: HALO: Rimworld Auxiliary Combat Armory, Apex: Rimworld Legends. Sparkling Worlds
We will not be working on any more patches after we are done with the ones stated above. We will however be uploading a tutorial on how to make a patch for your favorite mods!

Credits: Xedos for doing literally everything (he needed me to upload it because he doesnt have rimworld on steam)


Truthfully my favorite game of all time.
Also the most unforgiving and relentlessly brutal game I’ve ever played.

Do you like one sided relationships with AI?
Do you like having the success of your play through being solely decided on luck?
Do you enjoy punishing yourself?

Do you like putting 10 consecutive, no pause, no reloading to previous save runs being wiped away from existence due to a toxic fallout lasting 247 in-game days while you slowly watch your colony starve to the point of mentally breaking, mauling, pummeling and destroying itself?

How about a crazed colonist deciding to have a mental breakdown and burning the bedrooms of his two friends to the ground, while they’re asleep slowly baking them like fish sticks as you watch him light the stockpile of medical supplies and food reserves on fire like he is pillaging fire nation warrior?

How about a mysterious blight rolling through the map wiping out all of your crops and THEN a toxic fallout to kill all the huntable wildlife on the map quiet literally taking any and every food source from you as you scramble to research hydroponics to grow indoors? Guess what happens when your dog dies due to that toxic fallout and your researching colonist has a mental break and beats the out of your only other survivor? Hell breaks loose because your researcher has 0 medical skill and watches his only friend bleed to death in his bed. And then you finish researching hydroponics but you cant build them because he only has 2 construction.

Don’t even get me started on the alien infestations and raiders running over you like a starcraft zerg.

This game will test every ounce of your mental and more, but it’s so rewarding to finally get the hell off of that god forsaken planet.

Addictive colony builder with high level of customizability and a space-western theme. I’m a very picky gamer and this one checks all sorts of good boxes.

Customizable start conditions right down to what items you start with and what name your pet has if you want one.

On high difficulty its about life on a alien world that hates you and wishes you to attempt to survive only so it can watch you suffer longer.

On low diffculty its about a colonist or colonists setting up a new life on a new world and becoming comfortable and affluent.

Somewhere in the middle I play and wrestle with the advesities the game throws at me while trying to achieve wealth and eventually get my people back into space.

15 hours into a colony and after two consecutive raids and injuries sustained (but survived) from grenades my inventors mind just broke and is now wandering around my common area bleeding minorly and starving to death in a stupor. When i tried to arrest him to force him to eat and be treated he went berzerk and stabbed my ex-spy doctor to death nearly instantly. My pet warg ate the corpse of the fallen spy as the ex spys lover discovered the scene and immediately mentally broke killed the inventor in a berzerk fit before being subdued (beaten unconciouss) by the ex-spy’s lover’s pet muffalo(buffalo creature).

The whole time my chef was preparing meals and as the muffalo beat the lover feet away. He sat down to eat and ‘relax socially.’

The whole affair made me laugh uncontrollably at the rediculously unrealistic chef…until i remembered he had the psycopath trait and as rechecked his stats page and re-read that he had the trait ‘Is uncapable of: caring’

Then it was a bit too real and i said tahts enough rimworld for today.

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