Simple Bulk Cooking

MOD Desc
Bulk cooking on stoves! Cook meals in packs of 4!
Another mod of my simple mod collection:

This mod adds bulk cooking recipes of meals and other food products. Cook meals in bulks of 4 to save time when cooking and carrying ingredients.

No research required. Only a higher cooking skill level than the single meal recipe to balance the increased efficiency.

Can be added to an existing save. (To remove this mod, remove all bulk bills from your stoves first to avoid errors.)

Packed survival meals can be cooked in bulk too after the packed survival meal research. (The screenshot just doesn’t show it). Kibble and pemmican can also be produced in bulk.

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I may add options or a second mod with different amounts since I want to keep this mod as close to vanilla balancing as possible and large bulk amounts are either breaking that or close to useless. In fact at some point the cook has to carry two stacks of each ingredient to the stove so there is no value gain compared to smaller bulks. Of cause I could include recipts that cook 75 ingredients, but I think that would be too efficient and break vanilla balancing. But as I said I may add options or another mod for people who don’t care so much about that.

I did this little patch for myself so if you want, I can provide you with a link for this patch but it is not official patch so I don’t have it uploaded on Steam Workshop or whatever. And I also did increase the number of nutrition you need for every vegetarian recipe so it is not that cheaty. Let me know and I can make another version with ‘vanilla’ nutrition requirements for you if you are interested 🙂

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