[1.1] Decorative Cliffs

MOD Desc
This mod adds:
-stone cliffs
-smooth cliffs
-brick cliffs
-metal cliffs
-dirt hills

Update 28/05/2020:
-added smooth/brick/metal top cliff
-added cliff architect tab
-the stone cliff cannot be deconstructed, it must be mined
-the stone cliff can be smoothed
-added toolbox mod settings (ToolBox needed: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2016186459 )
-cliffs do not block movement and sight

Update 31/07/2020:
-added stone top cliff
-added dirt top hills

Stairs in the pictures are not included:
Vee’s decorating: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1585057683

Can be safely added to existing saves.

If you find things unbalanced, please make suggestions for improvement.

1.1 on Github: https://github.com/FantasyFanGitHub/Rimworld-1.1-Decorative-Cliffs.git

I play offline so I have many many more hours than the record indicates. (I have found offline mods to work a bit better.)
This game is amazing. It has such hidden depth. You can use mods to create the exact same characters and start on the exact same map and it will never play the same. The characters have such unbelievable depth. There is just so much fun to be had with this game and so many ways to play it. It is a very rewarding experience.

Only slight negatives:
The graphics as you can see are terrible
The audio is not great
The controls are generally good but missing some huge functions.
-an example, I had blight spread through my crops. I could not find a way to cut it out other than clicking on Avet plant and giving the cut command, then clicking on a colonist and shift click every plant to have them cut them down.
There are a lot of minor bugs on controls. None are game breaking just annoying.
There is such depth to the game that it takes forever to figure it all out.
There a lot of things that you should be able
To do but just can’t. Capture enemies or colonists on the rampage with out a high probability killing them being my biggest gripe.

But the game is so deep and there is infinite replay ability. The characters are so diverse and rich.
There are a very robust modding community that keeps the game interesting.
I love the game and highly recommended it

One of if not THE finest games in the Dwarf-Fortress (base-building, survival, colony managment) genre.

This game is truely, in every possible way a distinct game with its own identity, and it brings so much of its own to the table. Dare I say that any similar games after it may be forced to look at this game as the defining standard of the genre.

This game is E=mc2, it’s home grown, it’s a monument to Humanity itself. Aliens will find us, wipe us out, find this game in an old archive, and then play RimWorld until they become extinct.

It has charm, it’s not difficult to learn but it’s challenging to master. For example:

Whilst Dwarf Fortress is an astounding game, trying to play it going in a noob and trying to play it is like trying to gleam the meaning of life through a VCR Repair Manual.

On the other hand, RimWorld plays very similar to it, but manages to make it very friendly to new players. I managed to learn how to play without even so much as a tutorial. Granted, I died many, many times but that was my own choice to ignore the tutorials.

However, I will admit that depite my colonies being overwhelmed eventually, I still had fun, and I only got better and better with each try.

Even to this day, I still find myself making colonies and trying out the plethora of workshop mods that only serve to make this game a limitless dumpster bin of fun and adventure.

Rimworld is a colony building game that throughly simulates the
core basics of human survival (food, shelter and social needs).
The unique part of the Rimworld that sets it apart from other survival games
allows a very wide range of options available for the player to sustain
their survival with various differently themed biomes.

Despite the fact of having so many different unique materials and equipment
it created a capitalist system that is so easy for layman players like me to understand
and create a thriving industry within the game.

The subgame within the game’s various industry created near endless possibilities of
gameplay style coupled with well designed biomes which presents it very own unique
set of challenges allows player to liberate themselves in hardcore survival.

Availibility of editing the game’s difficulty and various interesting scifi themed scenarios
like space bugs, space pirate or your average wildlife rampage to name a few allows
player to immerse themselves in a scifi world at their own pace.

Seeing that this game is still in Alpha phase I would hope the developer would take into officializing some of the interesting mods the fanbase have created to balance or add in more
content and maybe add in develop few more common industries missing within the game
(fishing for example making water and sea tiles more relevant).

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