Anti-Air Artillery [Unofficial Update]

MOD Desc
A simple air defense artillery mod. Originally made by AKreedz.

The original mod can be found at:

At the mod author’s discretion I will remove this from the workshop, should they wish so.

This mod is quite simple, it adds four turrets.

Simple ADD: Exactly the same as the small ADD, but uses a lighter code that should be better for lower end machines.

Small ADD: Shoots down drop pods.

Middle ADD: Shoots drop pods, has a better range and holds five shells which automatically recharge with time.

Huge ADD: Can shoot down a lot of drop pods and incoming crashed ships if they’re in range, however, takes some time to rotate and is quite an energy hog.

TradeShip Destroyer: An energy cannon that can shoot down trade ships at the cost of your reputation with the other factions.

Originally they could also shoot down mortar shells, however, at some point during development in 1.0, that feature was removed or is not functional (according to the comments in the original mod page). Instead, I highly recommend Rimatomics’ HEL, as it’s an excellent tool if you’re having issues with a lot of enemy artillery.

I have included a source code that I decompiled from the original assembly and modified it a little bit to be compatible with 1.1.

If anyone else who’s a bit more familiar with this sort of code wishes to take up the mod and offer proper support for it, feel free. Just please send me a message so that I may point the users of this mod towards yours.

Most people are giving this game a review just because they nominated it, and want all the badges for this year’s Steam Awards. As such, they’re half-baked or just plain jokes. Here’s a real one.

Incredible modding scene, and every game is customizable. THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO PLAY! Save scum? Sure. Disable all researching of electrical items and just play a medieval (with mods) or tribal colony? Ya bro, go for it. Scenario edits are available in the base game, but modding makes the game expanded in depth.

Every new game is just as exciting. You’d think doing the same thing over and over would be boring, but starting a colony over again is fun. It requires new tactics, planning, and scheduling for your varied colonist(s) each and every time you start again. Don’t worry though, you’re gonna see the early game <A LOT.> So you better enjoy it.

If you’re not a modder, you’re gonna eventually find many strange game design elements that make no sense. Now, I’d list some of these, but they tend to be mostly subjective. That’s why I put this in a mixed section. You might find the vanilla gameplay captivating enough!

Late game is VERY performance heavy. Makes the game slow because fast forwarding causes performance drops (expectedly, since the game has to process things faster) but the heavy performance drops mean that eventually, you’re gonna run the gamut of how many prisoners, colonists, and animals you can have at once based on your hardware.

RimWorld is a gritty base building / colony management game.
It’s similar to dwarf fortress, if dwarf fortress was gritty,
and had guns and canabalism. Rimworld has a realistic health
and firefight model. Colonists can get plagues, tapeworms,
malnutrition, limbs blown off, shrapnel stuck in them.
Blood loss, Infections.

There’s also social relationships between your colonists.
They all have opinions of each other. They can fall in love
and get married, and have children (if straight).
They will hate their lover’s killer.

The game is brutal though. The AI storying telling is designed
make the best story. So as a general rule a colonist won’t
survive more than a few weeks. Maybe I’m just a bit terrible
at this game. You can harvest a prisoners organs, or your
own colonists organs, and sell them on the black market.
But your colonists will get a negative buff unless they’re psychopathic.

But your colonists will get a negative buff unless they’re psychopathic
If a colonist gets too unhappy or stressed, they can wander around and
do nothing, or more likely they’ll go on a murderous berserk and attack
everyone and every animal in sight.

This is one of my favourite games. I’ve spent many hours playing it.

I’ve been following the development of this game for a long time,
and have seen it change a lot.
Tynan is a very capable developer, and one that listens to his players –
he’s often found on the game’s subreddit.

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