Bulk Medicine Production [1.1]

MOD Desc
‘Every good doctor has patience.’

Summary The mod was made by request of another user.

This mod adds the simple ability to make 5 medicines at a time, without removing the ability to make individual medicines.

Making 5 medicines requires 5x more ingredients than making 1 individual medicine.

Knowledge Prerequisites Making medicine in general requires some knowledge of the basics.
Making medicine in bulk just requires a bit more knowledge.
The Skill Requirements are as follows:

Bill Intellectual Lvl. Crafting Lvl. Make medicine 4 4 Make medicine in bulk 6 6
The skill requirements for the single medicine bill have not been altered from vanilla/core.

Work Amount & Efficiency Making medicine in bulk isn’t overly efficient, but it is more efficient than making individual ones.

Bill Work Amount Make medicine 700 Make medicine in bulk 3000
The work amount for the single medicine bill has not been altered from vanilla/core.

Experience Gain Adjustments Due to the way experience is gained with tasks like this, minor adjustments were made to the new bill which allows for proper experience gain. Vanilla bill and its experience gains are untouched.

Previous Version Downloads – A17[www.dropbox.com]


i have currently 693 hours on this game as of writing this review, and i can tell you that it is a very fun and addicting game. if you would like to survive a crash landing on a harsh unforgiving rimworld, then you will enjoy this game. if you would instead like to build a big colony on a friendly, peaceful rimworld, then this game is also for you. if you would like to build a nation and then expand your army then this game is also for you. since this game has countless mods you can shape it to be however you want it to be, which is why this game is fun to alot of people. i would definitely recommend this game to anyone who would like any of the previous things.

edit: now i have 868 hours on the game

edit: 1154 hours now

okay yeah sure it looks like prison architect graphics wise and building wise, but other than that, it’s a game of it’s own, and by god is it absolutely amazing, i don’t think i have the words to describe how amazing this game is.

also earlier (the day of writing this review) i had a bulks good trading caravan stop by my colony and they were just chilling, when one of the visitors decides to insult another one of the visitors, which IMMEDIATELY sends him into an outrage, in which he proceeds to fight the insultor, who then kills him, giving me a free autopistol. thanks, hothead.

anyways, the game is still in development and just recently went into beta, but it feels like a fully-fledged game. it’s wonderful, it truly is.

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