GeneticRim Dinosauria Patch

MOD Desc

UPDATED 11/08/20

Life… uh… finds a way

Features – Adds eight hybrids between vanilla creatures and dinosaurs from the Dinosauria mod!
– Adds a new building, the Archeo-genepod, to mix genes from dinosaurs and create your hybrids.

Wiki: There is a cool wiki here![]

Load Order – As with all patch mods, be sure to call it after Dinosauria mod and GeneticRim mod, or else you’ll get some errors.

Compatibility Compatible with A Dog Said
Should be savegame compatible and not break anything. Should!

Older versions of the mod B18 version: Get it here[]
B19 version: Get it here[]

Credit Credit goes to Spincrus for all his awesome work on Rimworld.

Changelog v3.3: Updated to RW 1.2 (11/08/20)
v3.2: Updated for 1.1 (09/03/20)
v3.101: Changed all hybrids to use GeneticAnimal instead of ExoticAnimal so they don’t appear on modded merchants. Tweaked featherwool and spinobear wool (23/08/19)
v3.1: New building graphic and optional legless graphics (28/01/19)
v3.0: Updated to RimWorld 1.0 (18/10/18)
v2.02: Added A Dog Said patch (16/09/18)
v2.0: B19 update (31/08/18)
v1.1 Bugfixes. Full changelist on GitHub (03/03/18)
v1.0: Release (04/01/18)

  • same I get a lot of messages like thisConfig error in Compsognathus: has tool with linkedBodyPartsGroup FootClawAttackTool but body TheropodWithClaws has no parts with that group.Config error in Gallimimus: has tool with linkedBodyPartsGroup LeftLeg but body BipedalOther has no parts with that group. Config error in Gigantoraptor: has tool with linkedBodyPartsGroup LeftLeg but body BipedalOther has no parts with that group. Config error in Deinocheirus: has tool with linkedBodyPartsGroup ArmClawAttackTool but body BirdMimic has no parts with that group. Config error in Therizinosaurus: has tool with linkedBodyPartsGroup ArmClawAttackTool but body BirdMimic has no parts with that group.
  • On the topic of mecha-dino’s, I mentioned that a while ago along with the feline hybrid missing too. Same with megafuna and I haven’t used it in a while but I think alpha animals patch is missing both as well. Still think a lion/t-rex that’s a beast in combat or mecha-brachiosaurus that’s a literal tank are interesting ideas. On the megafauna side im not sure, mecha-palaeeudyptes orgGigantopithecus and cat/dinocrocuta or enhydriodon? Shoot, cat terror bird is also a viable option.Doing a rodent and cat only run so missing the cat option on those is kind of.. weird. Then there’s the lack of dinosaur, megafauna, and alpha animals bees for the rimbees patch from what ive seen
  • Hey, when i try loading this i get the following error:Could not resolve cross-reference: No Verse.BodyPartGroupDef named LeftLegClawAttackTool found to give to Verse.Tool left clawVerse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.WantedRefForObject:TryResolve(FailMode)Verse.DirectXmlCrossRefLoader:ResolveAllWantedCrossReferences(FailMode)Verse.DirectXmlLoader:ItemFromXmlFile(String, Boolean)Verse.ModMetaData:Init()Verse.ModMetaData:.ctor(WorkshopItem)Verse.ModLister:RebuildModList()RimWorld.Page_ModsConfig:PreOpen()Verse.WindowStack:Add(Window)RimWorld.MainMenuDrawer:m__6()Verse.ListableOption:DrawOption(Vector2, Single)Verse.OptionListingUtility:DrawOptionListing(Rect, List`1)RimWorld.MainMenuDrawer:DoMainMenuControls(Rect, Boolean)RimWorld.MainMenuDrawer:MainMenuOnGUI()Verse.UIRoot_Entry:DoMainMenu()Verse.UIRoot_Entry:UIRootOnGUI()Verse.Root:OnGUI()I have the same error but then for the RightLegClawAttackToolIs this an issue with one of my 100 mods?
  • bigmoe – just click subscribe and it will download. Just make sure you have Dinosauria and Genetic Rim as well. Once they’re downloaded, go to your mods list after starting Rimworld and activate them. The game will then want to reload – let it do so. If playing an existing save, it will also ask if you want to load the game with the new mods list – this can be risky with some mods but this one should be savegame compatible. After that you’re ready to go – though if it’s an existing save you’ll need to wait a bit before dinosaurs start showing up and will need to finish the appropriate researches before you can make them yourself.
  • Im still getting these errors and i dont have this Dog said something patch installed? [Dinosauria] Patch operation Verse.PatchOperationAdd(/Defs/RecipeDef[defName = ‘InstallSimpleProstheticTailAnimal’]/recipeUsers) failedfile: H:Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent2941001136958577PatchesDinosauria-ADogSaid.xmlVerse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.PatchOperation:Complete(String)Verse.LoadedModManager:ClearCachedPatches()Verse.LoadedModManager:LoadAllActiveMods()Verse.PlayDataLoader:DoPlayLoad()Verse.PlayDataLoader:LoadAllPlayData(Boolean)Verse.Root:m__1()Verse.LongEventHandler:RunEventFromAnotherThread(Action)Verse.LongEventHandler:m__1()

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