Respect the Scars Lite

MOD Desc

Inspired by some of the commenters from my ‘Respect the Scars’ mod, who felt +10 was just a bit too much of a bonus.

This mod simply changes the negative ‘Social’ impact of being Disfigured (i.e. facial injuries) from a -15 penalty into a +5 gain.

Because when you get injured in the line of duty, you deserve some friggin’ respect. (Just maybe not as much) 😛



This should be compatible with any mod. However, if you have a mod that also changes the Disfigured value, then put this mod *after* that one in your load order to apply the +5 ‘Social’ gain.

One of the few Kickstarted games that lives up to the hype, meets literally every single one of its stated goals, and is actually a fun game.

There’s a ridiculous amount of depth in RimWorld: shooting people hits body parts, body parts can get scarred and infected, a dirty hospital increases the chance of diesease and infection plaguing your colony. A colonist dies because of a weakened immune system from old age, and then their daughter goes berserk and punches someone else.

RimWorld is one of the Dwarf Fortress-like games that can actually match the depth in mechanics, but presents gameplay in a much cleaner art style and has a straightforward UI.

For those worried about the amount of content: there’s a metric of mods. Mods as far as the eye can see, and the game is really easy to mod.

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