MOD Desc
You can build half of a wall – a corner!

I always thought it was wierd you couldn’t build a corner, so i decided to add one myself. Uploaded to the workshop in case anyone else wanted to build corners as well.

To – Do List
-Corner embrasures
– Rounded corner pieces

– Update texture for jade corner piece: I was able to crudely force the textures for metallic corners and stone/wood corners to match themselves by making separate buttons for metal and non metal corners. I still dont know how to get jade to have the correct texture, so right now it shares the same texture as wood/stone corners.

– Allow manual reorientation of corner pieces: My programming skills are pretty limited, figuring out how to make the corners manually rotatable might take a while. As of right now they just automatically orient when put in a corner. If you place a corner piece by itself it will always orient the slant east.

-Make cover % less than a regular wall: The corner piece costs half the materials of a wall, has half the health of a wall, but still grants cover of a wall.

If anyone is interested in helping with the coding side of this mod, let me know. I have some time to learn coding, but i have a full time job that takes up most my time and energy

Manual Download:

There shouldn’t be any conflicts with mods, but please let me know if there are.

04/01/2017 beta.18

Just a super Awesome game you can play your way (and this: messing with the ai story teller and the extra large amount of scenario setting on save start up & once your done with learning the game mechanics )

so either relax base building & explore & trade
either heavy survival and pressure with lot of enemmy raid and climatic event & other various event
either intermediate
either a mix of both
even either some totally improbable funny and/or nightmare challenge with some of the scenario available settings

there a lot lot lot (yup so so much) of cool stuff with all the events, fauna, the colonist traits to deal with, relationships, drug addiction, bonus & malus, restrictions etc., crafting, world map & etc.

So not much to say aside the fact there really a lot to do within the game with really super polished game mechanics and that you can balance thing you way, + a large mods communities on the side as well (even if personnally i play mostly vanilla aside a very few ui enhancer)

/add to my sc2000, wolfenstein, sonic/mario , street fighter 2, gryzor, gran turismo, secret of mana, FFvii, pong , dungeon keeper, startopia, black&white, populous, age of empire, super sprint, maniac mansion, another world & else & etc. of that kind list ; nuff said

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