Prosthetic Didgets (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Actual Trashs mod


Non-steam version:

– Cleaned up the code and made use of the vanilla definitions instead.
– Moved bionic-digits to Fabrication Bench (thanks younyokel)

— Original Description —
Adds in prosthetic fingers and toes, now for 1.0.
Credits to Arkamedes for the preview image.
Version- 5

I bought this game a few days ago and I’ve already logged 70+ hours and boy do I have quite the story.
My first game was pretty chill, just a tropical paradise pretty much so for my second game I thought I’d go for a snowwy run on a harder difficulty….
For the first few months I struggled to setup my food supply with the harsh weather, but eventually had a nice indoor garden and a few hunters and things were going along nicely. I had to make my entire base be an indoor structure to limit outside exposure to the elements so my colonists didn’t have much room to move around. I managed to survive winter and boy was there a surpise waiting for me in the next seasons… Pirate raids.. Seiges… Animal beserking… My strong colony of 10 slowly declined. The first major seige I managed to tackle and take down the enemies, losing 2 of my men. A second seige came and I lost 4 men… When the popup said another seige arrived I almost flipped my table. I had 4 people left, and with no chance of fighting I just had to bunker down and hope for the best. The bad news was both artilery’s were incindinary ones…. The very first shell smashed into my garden and set the place ablaze. Only 2 of my colonists could do firefighting duties so they rushed in and started patting out the flames. Suddenly everyone started running outside, I was a little confused so I forced my firefighters back in there and within seconds they died from heatstroke. Yeah, the fires made the internal temperature 400 degrees in a very tight space. A guy in a hospital bed with no legs slowly burned to death leaving my last guy – a researcher to stare blankly at the fires and all the damage being done with no way to respond. Well that didn’t last long because an artilery shell hit and he couldn’t put out the fire in his pants…

10/10 would watch a lazy person that can’t firefight burn to death again.

Surprisingly good – this is the best way of describing RimWorld.

The last time I played an indie game with as much potential for replayability was FTL. If you liked FTL, I’ll take a leap here and say you will like RimWorld. Very different in its concept, but similar in it’s addictiveness and replayability which for me is really important.

Each time you start a new colony the experience is slightly different. Obviously there are similarities between games which have had me sighing a little when a colony goes wrong and I have start a new one, but on a whole its quite fresh each time a new game is started. You build a base from scratch and collect resources, but the little people you start with have real vices and personalities, some are hard workers, some lazy, some hate each other, some spawn new little people if they get together! Pets can be trained if you have a animal friendly little person too, and they can help fight off attackers or fetch resources. This can sound gimmicky and a little micro-management heavy, and I was a little sceptical when I read about the AI story teller, but actually it really does work and is fun and balanced.

If you’re like me and prefer a permadeath game RimWorld comes with that option, and its great, knowing if something goes wrong (and it often does) you just have to keep going till your team recover or all is lost, and that makes the experience deeper, because sometimes you start to feel the journey with your characters, particularly if some get killed or maimed. I actually got properly sad once when one character died and then his pet dog died defending him afterwards, I ended that game, and that was the end of that story. The beauty is, you can then start again with new people and have another ‘largely’ unique adventure.

Give it a go, it’s worth it just for the experience, it’s quite a unique game.

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